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Resale Form Information for Existing Resellers/Dealers

If you are buying for resale, please provide Heritage with an appropriate sales tax resale certificate. Find your state below and provide the associated form along with a copy of your State Sales Tax Permit . You will either need to provide the Heritage Resale Form or your state specific resale form unless sales tax does not apply in your state.

( General Sales Tax information )

Note: You will be billed for sales tax unless you have the appropriate documentation on file at and verified by Heritage five days prior to the auction. If you do not have this documentation on file with Heritage, you have 4 days from the date of the sale to complete the form and send/fax a copy of your license or permit to receive a refund for the tax. Lots from different auctions may not be aggregated for sales tax purposes.

If you have questions or need help, please contact us at 877-HERITAGE (437-4824) or