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    [Revolutionary War] Act of the Rhode Island General Assembly Calling for the Raising of Troops for the State Militia. Six and one-quarter pages, 8.25" x 13", Rhode Island, February, 1781, authorizing the calling up of troops in defense of the state. This includes "bringing into the field twelve hundred able bodied and effective men" each from both the militia and independent artillery to "be formed into one Brigade to be Commanded by one Milsha [sic] Brigadier General and to be divided into two Battalions..." It goes on to break down the command structure of the battalion. The end bears the following inscription: "a true Copy, Witness William Mumford DLeary." Edges are untrimmed and chipped, with some staining along the left edge; paper loss on the top left corner.

    More Information:

    "Rhode Island In Genl Assembly February Session, 1781


    "An act for incorporating and bringing into the fold Twelve hundred able Bodied and Effective men of the Milsha [sic] to Serve within this State for one Month from the time of thare [sic] Rendevous and no longer time not to be marched out of the same


    "Whereas his Excellency the Governor hath represented unto this assembly that it is absolutely necessary for the saftey [sic] and internal security of the state that part of the Milsha [sic] thare of [sic] should be forthwith embodied and marched to such places of Randevose [sic] by the fourth day of March next as he shall direct in order that the saftey [sic] and security thare of [sic] may be duly attended to


    "Be it thare for [sic] Enacted by the General assambly [sic] and by the authority thare of [sic] it is Enacted that Twelve hundred able bodied Effective men of the independent artillery senior & gunner classes of the Milsha [sic] (officers included)  be forthwith embodied and rendevose [sic] at such places with in this state by the fourth day of March next to do duty therein [sic] for one Month from the time of thare [sic] arriving at the place of Rendevous [sic] unless sooner discharged by his Excellency the Govener [sic] or this assambley [sic] and in order that Each town should furnish thare [sic] proper proportion of men for Sd service & It is further Enacted that the Towns hereafter Named should forth with furnish the Numbers of men set against each Respective Town to serve as non commishned [sic] officers and privets [sic] for the time affore [sic] Sd.


    "That is to say             Providence      72        No Providence   18     


    [Obscured due to paper loss]


    Newport             64     Smithfield        59        Westerly             44    


    [Obscured due to paper loss]


    Porthmoth [sic]  16     Scituate           85        No Kingstown    56     


    Barrington       13


    Jamestown        8       Glouster          78        So Kingstown     56     


    Warwick           46


    Middletown        8       Cumberland    41        Charleston         33     


    E. Greenwich   38


    Tivertown          42      Cranston          22        Richmond          30     


    W. Greenwich [Obscured]


    Little Compton  35      Johnston          26        Exeter                31     


    Coventry          48

                                                                            Hopkenton         44


    "and be it further Enacted by the authority affore [sic] Sd that the men afore Sd shall be formed into one Brigade to be Commanded by one Milsha [sic] Brigadier General and to be devided [sic] into two Battalions that is to say the afore Sd Numbers of men to be furnished from the Counties of Newport, Kings County and Bristol shall be formed into one Battalion and be devided [sic] into Eight Companies to be Led by one Lt. Colonel Commandent [sic] one Major Eight Captens [sic] Eight Lieuts & Eight Ensigns taken from the line of the Milsha [sic] and the afore Sd Number of men to be furnished from the Countys [sic] of Providence & Kent to be formed into one Battalion and to be divided in to Eight Company to be Led by one Lt. Colonel Commadent [sic] one Major Eight Captens [sic] Eight Lieutanants [sic] & Eight Ensigns taken from the line of the Milsha [sic] and it is further Enacted that thare [sic] shall be on one Brigade Major and one audjutent [sic] and one Doctor master[?] to each Battalion and it is further Enacted that each Company shall have four Sergeants four Corporals with one Drum and one fife and be it further Enacted by the authority afore Sd that the Colonel or Commandants of each Regiment shall forth with give thare [sic] Warrant to the Captens [sic] of each Company under thare [sic] Command sitting forth the Number of able bodied Effective men which such Company is Required to furnishes [sic] and to Command such Capten [sic] or officer if the Number of men should not Voluntarily turn out and to do dute [sic] of afore Sd that the Capten [sic] or Commanding officers of such Company forth with detach thy men for the Service afore Sd and cause them to be marched to the plan of Randevose [sic] appointed thare [sic] for and it is further Enacted that whare [sic] any Independent Company of Artillery or Cavalery [sic] or infantry shall be in any town or towns the Colonel or Commandent [sic] of the Regiment  with in whoses [sic] district such Independent Company shall be and the Commanding officer of Sd Independent Corps shall sattle [sic] & pick the number to be Razed out of Sd Corps in the same porposhion [sic] as tha [sic] are taken from the Milsha [sic] at large in such town according to the number then is in those Corps are to be accounted [sic] to the town to which they Respactively [sic] blong [sic]


    "and it is further Enacted by the authority afore Sd that the Commanding of such Respactive [sic] Company of artilery [sic] Cavalery [sic] and Infantry with in this state shall forth with caull [sic] Company together and in case that the number of able bodied effictive [sic] men which such Company is Required to Raise will not Voluntarily turn out to do dute [sic] as afore Sd that then such Commander shall ditach [sic] such a Number of as will make up thare [sic] Quota and be it further enacted by the authority afore Sd that upon arranging the Sd Brigade the men belonging to the Indepandent [sic] and Senior Class shall be Imbodied [sic] into Company together if it is not Ditremental [sic] or the deranging the Brigade and it is further Enacted that the Committee apointed [sic] to Class the Inhabatents [sic] of the Island of Rhode Island and Jamestown agreeable to an act posed in November Seshion [sic] Last be and thare [sic] [illegible] by impowred [sic] and dericted [sic] to Detach from the Inhabitents [sic] of thare Respactive [sic] towns the number of men before assigned to sade [sic] towns unless they shall Volunteraly [sic] turn out and that thay [sic] make a return thare of [sic] to Brigadier General Miller who is Dericted [sic] to cause the men so detached to appear at the place of Randivose [sic] within the Time afore Sd and performe the date required of them by this act.


    "and be it further Enacted by the authority afore Sd that it shall be the dute [sic] of the Brigadier General Feild & outher [sic] Milsha [sic] officers with in this State and the one heare [sic] by required to cause the men who shall be detached in pursuance of this act to appare [sic] at the place of Randevose [sic] which shall be appointed within the time afore Sd and performe the dute [sic] Required of them by this act.


    "and be it further Enacted by the authority afore Sd that the persons who shall do dute [sic] upon the presant [sic] Tour of Military dute [sic] shall [be] excused from doing any farther Military dute [sic] untill the Remaining parte of the Military force with in this State shall have done an Equal porposhion [sic] of Military Sarvice [sic] unless in case of a General Allarm or invashion [sic] of this State.


    "and be it further Enacted by the authority afore Sd that the afore Sd Milsha [sic] force shall not be marched or carried out of this state and upon the end and Expiration of thare [sic] time of Sarvice [sic] with in this state one Month from the time of thare [sic] Randevose [sic] if it shall appear necessary than [sic] to Maintaen [sic] a Militare [sic] Milishay [sic] force with in this state thay [sic] shall by Delivered by the outher [sic] drawn out [at this point there is a change of handwriting] of the Respective Corps in the Same Manner as this Act directs the present Military force to be Imbodied. And it is further enacted by the authority aforesaid that the Brigadier General and Commander of Regts and Companies that they hold the remainder of the Military Force after Embodying the Men herein directed to be forthwith raised to be in Readiness to March at a moments Warning.


    "And be it further Enacted that the Men who shall be Detached and do Service in pursuance of this Act as Soldiers be allowed at and after the Rate of Fifty Shillings Lawful Money in Gold and Silver or other Money equivalent at the time of payment thereof per Month and one Ration per Day and that the Commissioned officers be allowed the Same pay and Rations as officers of the Same Rank received in the Continental Service and the Serjeants [sic]Three pounds like Money per Month the Corporals and Musick [sic] the Same as the Soldiers.


    "And be it further Enacted that each of said Non Commissioned officers & Soldiers furnish himself with a good Fire Arm Bayonet and Cartridge Box Knapsack & Blanket.


    "And if he shall not be of Sufficient ability or shall otherwise neglect to do it the Town Council of the Town to which he belongs are directed to furnish him with a Gun Bayonet Cartridge Box Blanket and Knapsack at the Expense of said Town and receive there for out of the Wages of such Delinquent Person Ten Shillings in Gold or Silver or paper money Equivalent which is to be deducted out of the Wages of such Delinquent person. The Persons receiving said Instruments to return amount therefor with the Town Council who shall furnish the same.


    "And be it further Enacted that the Town Council be Empowered if necessary to Impress Guns Bayonets Cartridge Boxes Knapsacks and Blankets Sufficient for Equiping [sic] the Delinquents who shall be detached in pursuance of the act giving Certificates thereof to the Persons from whom the Same shall be taken.


    "And be it further Enacted that each Person who shall be detached as aforesaid or shall Voluntarily enter into said Brigade furnish himself with Three Days Provisions. And that he be allowed for the Same One Shilling and Six pence per Day in Real money or other Money Equivalent at the time of payment.


    "And be it further Enacted by the Authority aforesaid that if any person belonging to the Military Force of the State shall absent find himself in order to Elude or Evade this act or Refuse to March forward upon being detached by himself or Substitute he shall be sent forward to the Continental Army to do Duty for Five Months therein as a Common Soldier. And if any Person who shall Voluntarily turn Out to do Duty as aforesaid or shall be Detached for the purpose aforesaid and shall join his Corps and afterwards shall Desert if the said offender be apprehended before the Time of Duty expires he shall Suffer such Punishment as a Court Martial from said Brigade shall Inflict. And if said offender is apprehended after the time Expires for which he is now Called out he shall be sent to the Continental army to do Duty as a Common Soldier for Six Months in the Rhode Island Battalion.


    "And be it further Enacted that the following officers be and they are hereby chosen and appointed to Command the Men ordered by the act to be embodied. Viz


                            "Nathan Miller Esq Brigadier General

                            George Peck Esq Lt Col Comdt of the Battalion of Providence

                                        And Kent

                            Job Pierce Esq Major of said Battalion


    Michael Witmarsh                  |                                 

    Sheldon                      |                                 

    Jona Knight                             |                                 

    Squire Millard                         | Captains                   

    John Whipple                          |                                 

    Stephen Windsor                     |                                 

    Willm Roy                                |                                 

    Daniel Mowrey the 4th            |         



    Thomas Olney                         |

    Caleb Greene                          |

    Mumford Davis                       |

    Isaac Pain                                | Lieutenants

    Joseph Snow Jun                      |

    Jerem Scott Jun                       |

    Nehemiah Burlingame           |

    Eijah Armstrong                      |




    "John Carpenter (of Smithfield) John Carpenter (of Providence) Gideon Harris, Joseph Dolliver Jun, Zebulon Wade - Ensigns


    Nathan Church Esq Lt Col Comdt of the Battalion of Newport,

    Kings County, and Bristol

    Jonathan Bates Jun Esq Major of said Battalion


    Philip Traffan                          |                                 

    Lawrence Pierce                     |                                 

    Jona Deval Jun                        |                                 

    Timothy Lock Jun                    | Captains                   

    Vial Allen                                |                                 

    John Davis                               |                                 

    Phineas Maxson                      |                                 

    Walter Clark                            |                                 



    William Belcher                      |

    John Wilcox Jun                       |

    Peleg Cross Jun                        |

    Rowse Peirce                           | Lieutenants

    Joseph Reynolds Jun                |

    John Peirce                              |

    Will Steadman                         |

    Joseph Peckham                      |



    "Robert Dunbar, Thomas Durfey, Stephen Pierce Ensigns

    Joshua Perry Surgeon of Col Churches [sic] Battalion

    Henry Malcolm Surgeon of Col Pecks Battalion


    "And it is further Enacted that the Brigadier General and Field officers be and they are hereby appointed and Empowered to fill up any Vacancies which now are or hereafter happen in Either of the Battalions aforesaid.


                            "a true Copy,

                                        Witness, William Mumford DLeary"


    Reference: Civil and Military List of Rhode Island, 1647-1800: , p. 394.


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