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Client Testimonials

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Ethan Wayne Discusses the Personal Property of the John Wayne Auction. Watch video. Read Testimonial.
Heritage President Greg Rohan and Ryan Givens on the ANDERSON LIVE show, discussing the 1913 Nickel with Heritage client, Anderson Cooper. Watch video.
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As our two-year corporate collection divestment project comes to a close, we write to thank you for your exemplary management of our account for our client. Of utmost importance to us, you were accessible and reliable at every turn to assist with our requests and inquiries. Thank you for your care with our consignments and ensuring that all sales went smoothly. We look forward to working with you again on future projects.
Anonymous, Houston, TX
Thank you for a great job with my posters. I’m thrilled with the price they realized. The photos were fantastic, the descriptions wonderful. I love the way the consignment page is set up.

I appreciated the fact you took the time to personally open and inspect the mail. I know you watched those posters until they were online. I appreciate how you’ve kept me informed every step of the way. I felt like I was on the auction floor. I appreciate all the behind the scenes work you did for me.
I want to thank you for the very fine-and I would say UNIQUE- service you have provided me over the past few years in the handling of my treasures. You have made the selling of parts of my collection a thoughtful and enjoyable experience-even more so than I could have imagined. It is in the following areas you have excelled:

Dedicated to work on my behalf. Promptly respond to inquiries. Personal review of my submitted items. Careful grading to insure accurate descriptions and estimates. Very knowledgeable. Personal interest in not only my collectibles, but also my interests. Additional research to fully realize each items value. Helpful in providing additional perspective for philatelic items including historical connections to philately. Attentive in recommending the best/most appropriate handling of my collectibles. Unsparing in time, allowing to completely discuss my collectibles and their disposition. Openly discuss material consigned, or to be consigned, and what might be good alternatives for their handling. Highest prices realized for my collections.

Again, it has been a genuine pleasure working with you, and I look forward to our ongoing working relationship.
Rick, CA
My most significant auction purchase ever was my first experience with HA. I bought John Young’s Apollo 16 LM Flown Crewman Optical Alignment Sight from Space Exploration Auction 6033.

I have since purchased about a dozen Apollo artifacts through HA, and although I have also interacted with five other auction houses this year, HA stands head and shoulders above the rest. You would think Bonhams and such would try to differentiate on service, but only HA does. They make it difficult to bid online and to complete a transaction (good luck arranging your own shipper).

In fact, I cannot think of a better service-oriented firm, from any industry. Not Nordstrom, Blue Nile, or any other. I have interacted with countless people at HA over the past year, by email (172 times), phone and live bidding, and have had a quick, informative, helpful and confidence-building experience with every one.
Good Job. Keep doing auctions at major shows.
M.A., Fortson, GA
Wanted to tell you how impressed I was with how the FUN books looked for my Saints. While I no longer have the coins, nor am I listed on the PCGS registry, at least I have the book to remind me of my collection.
Steve A., New York, NY
You have a great company. I have bid with your firm at least 11 years.
V.A., New York, NY
From day one, the staff at Heritage Auctions have been wonderful to work with. Aviva Lehmann, the Director of American Art in the New York office, was kind and professional. Aviva's personal touch - from coming to my home to pick up the painting, handing the paperwork, and keeping in touch throughout the auction process, was transparent and reassuring. Meredith Meuwly, of the Appraisals Services Department was quick and thorough in providing the retroactive appraisal needed for our records.

Of course, I wouldn't hesitate in directing any family and friends to Heritage when auction services are needed. Aviva, along with anyone else I've dealt with there, made what could be an intimidating process, completely pleasurable.
Nina Allen, Brooklyn, NY
I was very impresses with Heritage’s Fine Art auction.  They did a fantastic job appraising my work’s value which at auction actually exceeded their estimates!  Their professionalism and substantial collector base made me feel very comfortable listing my artwork with them.  I will definitely use them again in the future.
Jim Atkinson, Murfreesboro, TN
Extremely pleased with results of auction. Wonderful job by you and your staff. Appreciate the personal attention you devoted to my consignment. Please send a special thank you to Bob Merrill for all the background research He did in preparing to call my lots. And THANK YOU to you again. Job well done, as I knew it would.
Bo B., Santa Cruz, CA
I got your contact information from Cheryl Vogel at Valley House gallery in Dallas Texas. I watched very carefully how Heritage handled the upcoming sale of this painting, with mailings, magazine ads and it's representation at the Dallas art fair. I was very impressed and flattered by the respectful way the presale and sale of this painting unfolded. Several people contacted me who felt similarly about the way the auction was handled. At this point in my career I'm much more concerned with the respectful professionalism in all forms when it comes to my life's work. I truly appreciate your efforts in this respect.
David B., Dallas, TX
My very successful experience with Heritage began with Katie's coming to see my beautiful Lavern table. She appreciated it and was well-informed about it. She answered every question with specificity and authority. During the following months I received informative emails and finally the good news that we got a good price. My initial contact to heritage place was initiated by a print ad in the LA Times. And yet, I felt I was in good hands from the very beginning thank you so much to the whole team.
Diane B., Los Angeles, CA
Our participation in the Heritage Gallery Auctions on Friday and Saturday were very enjoyable, and we were impressed with every aspect of the auction operation.
E. & N. B., Littleton, CO
Heritage Auction Sales staff performed an outstanding service to this first time consignor.
J.B., Fairfax, VA
This pastel was brought over to the house by our client the night before the estate sale began. Our client left this piece among many other items in a small dimly lit hallway. When we arrived the morning of the sale to set up our register and do a few last minute pricings we found this beautiful piece. We knew right away that it was something special and after a couple of seconds of research we grabbed the phone and called Heritage Auctions for a second opinion. We were referred to Atlee Phillips, the Director of Texas Art. With our clients permission we took the piece to Heritage Auctions to solicit their expertise! At first sight Atlee was doubtful but hopeful of its authenticity; she took possession of the piece and insured it for $40k. It was authenticated quickly which increased the expected value to $60k; none of us would have imagined the auction would have brought as much as it did! Atlee was wonderful in marketing this piece and getting it the attention that Mr. Reaugh deserved. We asked our client the history of this piece; however what he knew about it was minimal. From what he could remember his wife had owned it for years; although how it came into her possession was unknown. All her husband knew was that it wasn’t his taste so he decided to have us sell it. Of course he never dreamed it was worth more than a few hundred dollars. Thankfully he allowed us to consign the piece through Heritage as we were well aware of the fact that we would not have an estate sale customer walk in the door and spend $60k much less over $400k. We are very grateful to Heritage that they did such a wonderful job in finding this beautiful piece a new owner.
Jason B., The Colony, TX
Because of your generosity, children who need help to achieve their full potential can continue to learn, grow and excel. Please know how grateful we are to receive your check of $2,520.00. Thank you. Your investment provides the children at Child Study Center with the highest quality medical expertise, treatments and specialized education by highly-trained professionals. Two-thirds of families who are served at Child Study Center are from low-income households. Your investment insures that all children, regardless of their ability to pay, are able to receive the services they need to fulfill their potential. you are making a difference in the lives of children and families in our community, and for that, we are most grateful. Thank you for partnering with Child Study Center.
Kyndall B., Fort Worth, TX
Obviously you are aware that I’ve been consigning a few million in coins and recently Leroy Neiman originals to Heritage Auctions. I’m very pleased with the auction results and the fine job that Heritage has been doing. Jim Stoutjesdyk is my contact and representative and has done a wonderful job assisting me with the sale of my coins. I just wanted you to know that he has gone beyond the usual responsibilities and has been there any time I’ve needed assistance. This can vary from changing reserves before the auction, helping with the documents that needed to be signed, helping me with wires and reserves, etc. He’s even helped me after hours and weekends and always responds to my emails and texts right away. I couldn’t ask for a better representative and I want you to know how dedicated Jim is.
Mike B., Las Vegas, NV
Todd, thank you so much for your part in getting my brothers Amazing Spiderman #192 Cover Art sold. You were very honest and up front and was right on as far as value, compared to others I inquired with prior to choosing Herritage Auctions to handle the sale! My niece Kirsten and I are very happy with the result If we run across anything else in my brothers archives that I feel is worth selling we will surely contact you and will recommend you and your organization to all!
Rennie B., n/a
Thank you for honoring me with the Legacy Client status. I have always received excellent service from Heritage and look forward to continuing a great relationship. Sam Foose and Bill Walker have gone out of their way over the years to assist me and it is people like those gentlemen that give me confidence in continuing to use Heritage's services.

I am continuing to grow and upgrade my collection and constantly monitor your auctions. And when I am ready to sell, I will certainly consult with Heritage Auction Galleries.
Rick B., Jacksonville, FL
I just wanted to again thank you and all the wonderful people at Heritage that have provided me assistance during my experience with Heritage Auctions. All of you are amazing professionals and your services are appreciated.
Rick B., Jacksonville, FL
Many many many thanks Ed.

It is thanks to this kind of attitude, people like you and so many others in all the departments of Heritage !!! that Heritage is positioned where it is.

Neither Sotheby’s or Christie’s will even make an effort to amend mistakes which are by far much greater than the one occurred last Friday.

This is despite the fact that my partner Ronald Ooi, and I are paying millions of dollars in buyer’s premiums alone to Sotheby’s & Christie’s; dozens folds of the business we are giving to you…

There are many things in the way Heritage is conducting business which are filling voids in the action world and are completely ignored by the two “giants” (and many others).

We have close relations with many of the world leading dealers and collectors of jewelry and other important departments. Everybody is fed up and waiting for something that is not “more of the same”…

We will ship most of the items to the Lalique museum in France, defiantly all the tableware. I’ll let you know shortly.
Ronald & S B., n/a
Dear Mr. Rohan:

On behalf of our client, Caroline Kennedy, I wish to thank you for all of your assistance in facilitating an appropriate resolution of the issues surrounding the John F. Kennedy, Jr. gloves. We appreciate your recognition of the legal and other concerns raised by the proposed auction of these gloves, and the professional way in which you made sure that those concerns were addressed before an auction proceeded.

Proceeding as you did not only avoided a potentially awkward legal situation for your gallery and any purchaser. It also facilitated the transfer of this historic personal item to the Kennedy Library, which all parties promptly recognized was where they belonged.

You and your gallery are to be commended for your professionalism and integrity in resolving this matter.

Kevin T. Baine
[Entire Letter]
Kevin T. Baine, Esq., Williams & Connoly, LLP, Washington, D.C.
Congratulations on a job very well done, on our recent auction. Heritage Auctions far exceeded expectations both as to dollar amounts and the number of sold lots. Steve and Jim and Aviva — you could never have done better even if you had a “magic wand” from the Wizard of Oz. Sue and I appreciate more than we can express to you, “in words” our deepest gratitude for you and your organization.

Again, Sue and I thank the three of you for your tremendous efforts and results you achieved.
Judson Ball, Scottsdale, AZ
The sale just closed and I wanted to extend a hearty "thank you" to you and the folks at Heritage for the outstanding job you did cataloging and selling the Dr. Thomas F. Fitzgerald Collection of Papal Coins, Medals, and Paper Currency.

There were so many coins, medals, sets, paper currency, etc. to catalogue! The way you grouped lots, photographed, and presented the material was too notch. I was impressed that you took the time to attribute coins to the Krause reference as their "plate coin" and that many of your descriptions included pertinent facts and information that added value to the sale.

The proprietary software Heritage uses is second to none for tracking auction activity from both a buyers and a sellers perspective. Bidding on the Internet via allows a fair (and exciting) venue for the final closing and sale of each lot; it has been a great addition to your other software and certainly compliments the auction process.

When all the bidding was over, almost all of the 6+ pages of material had many multiple bidders. vying to win their favorite lots with the overall results of this sale well exceeding expectations!

Your professionalism has been great and it was a pleasure working with you on this sale.
Mark Baskin, Fountain Valley, CA
I've been a de facto collector of comics for years by dint of just buying them and hanging onto them. A few years ago, I began to acquire some original art by heroes of mine. It's primarily work that's meaningful to me personally, but not always easy to come by and Heritage has been a big help with that. Plus, it's simply a pleasure dealing with the people there. It's been a comfortable and enjoyable association.
Tom Batiuk, Medina, OH
I wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was for me and my daughter, Amy, to do business with you, Tom Slater, Les Johnson, Howard Weinberger, Michael Riley and Susan Montoya over the last several months, as we prepared for your May 14, 2014 Space Exploration Auction. The Journey and the Destination were complete pleasures.
I do not know whom the Chairman or the Senior Executives of Heritage are, but they run an organization like it ought to be run. Everyone I came in contact with was courteous, helpful, professional, and best all, knew what they were talking about. Do you know how very rare that is?
John, please thank the Heritage Team for all the nice things they did for Amy and me. I hope we can do business again in the future.
Alan Bean, Houston, TX
I wanted to write this letter to thank you for the outstanding job that your firm and employees did in selling the seized coins for the Internal Revenue Service. When the coins went to sale, there were several hundred anxious bidders waiting to bid on these coins. The sale secured $156,290 for payment of delinquent tax liabilities. These proceeds are far in excess of any proceeds that would have been secured in a normal irs auction.
[Entire Letter]
William Beckham, Internal Revenue Service, Dallas, TX
Thank you so very much from both my Dad and I. We were so pleased with the whole process of consigning and selling through Heritage. It is very impressive how organized and thorough everything was, and we greatly appreciated knowing we could trust you all with our items. I know it helped Dad immensely as he's going through a tough time to know that he didn't need to worry about these items. For that peace of mind, thank you so much.

Dad is down-sizing his collection of everything- art, guns, rugs, furniture, smalls, a fine English snooker table, etc. Kind of "everything must go" at some point in the future, It's not a "fire sale" and we are not in a big hurry, but we are starting the process of downsizing for my dad and mom. I will be helping him sell these items as time goes on.

If I would like to use Heritage in the future, what other types of items would you accept? That would be great information for me to know and explore. We have a local antiques guy who is helping us out with a few items, but I have a feeling we will be using more than one source to try to sell all these items in the best possible venue.

Thank you again Jim- please tell your team a big thank you and we are so happy with the results.
Mike Beckstead, Rotonda West, FL
My decision to go with Heritage was right on target. I truly appreciate the job Heritage did. The complete end to end service you provided me was simply unparalleled by anyone in the industry.
[Entire Letter]
Gregg Bingham
I wanted to send a note of appreciation for all of Jerod's work on my behalf. I am the purchaser of a piece of artwork through your site's service which allows prior purchasers of art through your website to then receive bids from other potential purchasers and re-sell those pieces via your site again.

Jerod immediately contacted the seller, obtained a commitment for shipment, watched out for my purchase's arrival, and handled my special shipping request with aplomb, turning the piece around from receipt at your office to shipment to me within hours (I wanted to receive the piece by Saturday as I wanted it as a surprise to my wife before her surgery Tuesday morning, the day after Memorial Day).

Jerod also was pro-active. He informed me that my use of an e-check would delay the shipment as it needed multiple days to clear the bank, whereas a credit card purchase could be processed much faster. That pro-activeness enabled the quick turn-around I needed. When you consider that the prior owner accepted my bid on Sunday (one week ago), had to ship the piece to you, then it had to make its way to my home, getting this all done in just six days is remarkable.

I will not hesitate to recommend the use of Heritage Auctions to my friends and co-workers!
Joel Bion, Saratoga, CA
I wanted to take a moment to express how pleased I have been with all my auction consignments handled by Heritage. On the two occasions I consigned retired registry sets your firm did an outstanding job in obtaining excellent prices. I was also pleasantly surprised by the fair prices you offered and the fast payment I received when I chose to sell other coins directly to Heritage.

Perhaps the best part of my consigning experience has been my realization that all consigners, large or small, receive the same personal service and attention to detail at Heritage. I can recall how you spent time with me to select realistic reserves for all my coins. All those coins subsequently sold.

One event in particular cemented my trust in Heritage. That was when one coin purchased at a Heritage auction could not be crossed to another grading company's holder. Heritage numismatists examined the coin, identified the problem and submitted the coin to NCS on my behalf. Thereafter you shepherded the coin through the grading process and it crossed successfully.

Thank you for all your help and I look forward to working with you again on future consignments.
Mark Blauer, Nescopeck, Pa
From the first phone call to receiving the check in the mail , my transactions with Heritage  Auctions were professional and pleasant. Phone calls, EMails, texts- all answered in a timely way.There was no such thing as a silly question . All dealings were positive and friendly, and the end result was a very successful sale .My family and I enjoyed the entire process.
Sharon Bowen, Cleveland, OH
Our experience during the consignment and auction process was very positive. We appreciated the personal interest that our Consignment Director, Mike Gutierrez, took in our particular situation and the effort he put in to make sure that things went well. Although there are still two additional auctions to go, we have realized nearly the maximum return that our outside appraiser thought was possible. We do not have any other items that we would need to auction but we would quickly recommend Heritage and Mike to any sports items seller.
Roger Bresnahan, Toledo, OH
Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job with the sale of my painting! You were in touch with me the whole way, and I very much appreciate all your attention.
Tami Bushey, Jay, NY
Karen, I am so sorry it took me so long to get back with you on this. I had planned on sending you all the research I had recorded but my computer was infected with some virus or something and locked up everything so I have been trying to retrieve it but no luck. however I do have a pretty good memory so I will do my best to send you what I know from memory and off the cuff . I had to get a new computer but money has been tight so it took me a couple of weeks to get it so that is why you have not received anything from the usual chatty me.

I ,too, enjoyed meeting you, watching you work and seeing all the people coming in to check their cherished pieces to for value, a bit of history or just curiosity. I did not mention this to you at the time but for many, many years I have wanted to become an antique appraiser or own an antique shop but never even attempted it because I was afraid of failing and so I just kept plugging away setting up trade shows which , to say the least, is no fun, not rewarding at all and not challenging in the slightest. My mothers death, my boring job, turning 43 yrs old , my dads poor health @83 yrs have been a factor in my decision to finally become an antique appraiser.

I am gay and been alone all my life , never really meeting anyone that made me go “wow”. Then I met someone at work that I knew at once was the guy I was going to be with. I have no idea how or what I have done to deserve a handsome 19 yr old ( hold the jokes, ive heard them all lol) who is smart, funny, caring, kind, generous and treats me very well but I know my mother probably talked God into sending him to me when she got there lol. Anyway, his name is Emanuel and he asked me to marry him( now that it is legal) and of course I said yes. since I am getting ready to start this new chapter in my life I decided to finally do whatever I needed to do to become an antique appraiser .

Meeting you, watching you work and the process only made me more sure than ever. There were several things about you that I really thought were outstanding. The first being that you were not condescending or arrogant at all and treated me and everyone with courtesy and respect regardless of the value of their item. I must say that the single most important thing you did was that you included me in the appraisal. You did not pretend to know everything about every item ( I mean who can) and you sought out my opinion, my research, my personal appraisal and opinions. I felt so much better knowing that you and I came up with the appraisal together rather than you just rattling off a number to me. You performed the appraisal exactly the way I personally felt an appraisal should go. Thank you.

I will shut up and close this email with a simple request . Whenever you have time, cold you please give me your best advice , guidance and opinion on the best route for me to take to become a competent antique appraiser and any info on certification or licensing ? any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again and I will be sending any and all research and if I can remember or find again a little later this morn .
Gene C, San Antonio, TX
I like to express my gratitude and praise to Heritage Auction Galleries. Your friendly and knowledgeable staff does an excellent job. My experience of buying and selling went well. Your web site is truly remarkable. With all these; friendly people, highly professional staff, superb web site makes you a winner. I also want to thank Jason Friedman for his hard work and commitment to my goals for buying and selling at Heritage. Thank you.
V.M.C, San Leandro, CA
Jim & Steve treated me exceptionally fairly, even to the point of over-extending themselves on my behalf.
H.C., Huntington Beach, CA
This was my first time with your firm. I was pleased with all aspects of your handling my bids.
J.C., Albron, NC
My first auction experience and it was all I expected and then some. BRAVO.
M. C., Flower Mound, TX
I believe Heritage did a very good job of the cataloging. I am very pleased overall!
P.C., Lexington, SC
Your catalog descriptions are superb.
P.C., Round Lake, IL
As a first time consignor, I was very pleased with my experience with Heritage from the first call to cashing the check!
X.C., Palo Alto, CA
Back in February you and I spoke briefly on the phone as I was working with Craig Kissick to set up the consignment of ""Big Red,"" a petrified wood specimen 90"" x 64."" After that call with you Craig gave me the assurances that it would receive ""proper"" exposure in the catalog and on your website.
Today I received the catalog which is a work of art unto itself. When I found my lot I was literally blown away by what Craig had done with the presentation....... quite amazing to say the least!
Today many auction companies and their representatives make wild claims just to get a consignment......... and they rarely follow through. What Craig and Heritage have done far exceeds what was promised and for that I am grateful!
Now it will be fun anticipating the sale................. thanks again!
Ron Cipolla, Dallas, TX
Thank you for the fabulous job Heritage Auctions did with my Duchamp lot. I watched the auction on my computer and was thrilled with the hammer price. I am very satisfied with the way you took care of the sale, exhibiting the pieces and the page in your catalog. I will be recommending HA to my friends. Best regards, Sharon Cohen
Sharon Cohen, Pasadena, CA
Good evening. I want to take a moment to thank you and Heritage for the professional high quality auction that highlighted my Neil a Armstrong item. I am more than please with the results and enjoyed every moment of my consignment to Heritage. From start to finish it has been first class and enjoyed our phone conversation. Now that all has worked out well, I am going to re-visit some other items I may want to consign in the future from sports ( have many Graded T206 baseball cards ) as well as a signed documents from a few presidents ( LOA from JSA James Spence ). Again, my many thanks to you and your team.
Tom Corley, Newtown, PA
Wow! You weren’t kidding when you said fasten your seatbelts! Thanks for putting me right up in the front row of the inaugural ride!! That was one crazy scary ride. And with that auctioneer behind the controls, I was expecting the wheels to fall off! Did you guys borrow him from the sports auctions section, or something? Just kidding, but I’m quite sure you’ll be hearing plenty about that guy from some of the other consignors!

It was great to be able to watch the auction online. I still can’t believe it. Although I didn’t watch the whole auction, I was watching when my little belt came up for bid. I also just looked over the prices realized for the items. I’m sure that there are some mixed feelings there, especially since some of the “big ticket” items did not sell. I guess I’m just thankful to be one of the lucky ones tonight.

I don’t know if it would eventually be possible to find out who the successful bidder on the belt was, but I would really like to find out, if possible. I keep telling my kids that I hope Greg Page (the former yellow Wiggle) bought it. (I was a huge Wiggles fan several years ago when my kids were younger, and they love to tease me about it). Really, I just hope that the belt eventually ends up on public display somewhere.
Tim Cottle
Lest it go unsaid, as it too often does, I just wanted to write and say thank you. I am very pleased with the results thus far, and feel that my reliance upon your guidance and advice about certain critical questions has been well placed. You know your business. And, from this client's perspective, you are tending to your job meticulously.

I know that Heritage is a force - obviously some brilliant and creative minds have been at work building/improvising its business model. It seems to me an enlightened kind of situation, because it is doing very well for itself by providing good service and genuine value to the clients who entrust it with things not only of value, but dear to them. Everybody donws that any powerhouse is only as good as it's people.
Paul H. Crockett, Miami, fL
I truly have been exceedingly impressed with Heritage Auctions. I have a feeling you will leave behind your logo of the 'third largest auction house', to the soon be the: 'leading auction house in the USA'...thank you again
A.D., n/a
Your performance in handling auctions should be used as industry standards for other auction companies to rise to!
G.D., Albany, NY
From my experience, you conduct and operate the auction in a very professional manner. Your staff is understanding and courteous.
J.D., Lakewood, CO
A very classy operation.
K.D., Cumberland, RI
I was very impressed by the quality of the auction catalog. The bracelet was presented beautifully. I really can’t say how pleased I am that Heritage Auctions were able to get – what I truly believe – is the very best price for the bracelet. I could not be more pleased about your handling of the sale of the bracelet, and the whole process. It was an absolutely painless process.
Pamela D., Riverside, CA
A very professional operation.
R.D., Maspeth, NY
I received the amazing books of my father’s coin collection and the Heritage Auction. Thank you so much for taking the trouble to send them to me and for doing such a wonderful job with the collection. I know my father would be proud to see his coins handled so meticulously and with such great care.
Thank you again for all the work you and the team at Heritage have done to make this such a success for our family and for helping share my father’s collection with the world.
This collection realized roughly $4 Million Dollars
Julia Dimitriadis, New York City, New York
I would like to thank you for your professionalism and the sale of our coins to date.

We were certainly surprised to see that one of our coins was in the stratosphere as far as I am concerned.

My wife is talking to someone in your gallery concerning some art work. We are very sold on your company and on you.
Robert Douglas, Robinson, IL
Got Platinum Night Catalog today! Masterpiece section on my $1G collection. I am so proud of the work you have done and the layout was perfect!
Steven L. Duckor, Orange, CA
A.E., Plaistow, NH
Your entire organization deserves to be complimented on how professional and cooperative they were.
B.V.E, San Jose, CA
I appreciate the comfort level when consigning with Heritage -- I know the job will be done right.
S.E., Torrance, CA
As a novice to the auction process, I appreciated Aron Meystedt's exceptional service and guidance. He was always quick in answering my questions and kept me up-to-date on the progress of my auction item. But most impressive was his ability to advertise my item (an arts related domain name) to targeted groups and highly visible auctions. My domain name sold for a good price!  I would recommend Heritage Auction and especially Aron Meystedt to anyone interested in quality and professional auction services.
Joan Elliot, Wilkesboro, NC
I was impressed and encouraged by the thoughtful, low key presentation you made — frank, no sales talk and no big promises. You gave me several alternatives and explained the pros and cons of each. I concluded that you were someone I could trust and that you would do a good job for me. And you sure did!
[Entire Letter]
Raymond Epstein
The results from the recent auctions with Heritage were nothing short of spectacular.

The staff at Heritage are amazing to work with. My wife and I were given the "red carpet treatment" from the moment we walked in. We felt safe and secure the moment we arrived.

Their knowledge and expertise in the coin market has been very valuable when one decides to part with some or all of their collection. The auctions actually yielded way more than their pre sale estimates, which makes me feel very warm and fuzzy inside.

Thanks for everything.
Joe Eversole, Plainview, NY
Excellent-relaxed and friendly staff, from Jim & Steve on down.
A.F., Newtonville, MA
Your overall service is very good. The quality of the catalogs for major sales are superior and very accurately described.
M.F., Elmwood Park, IL
It is with great pleasure and no reservation that I am writing this letter to you. In the course of selling coins over the past few years you have been my contact. At all times I found you knowledgeable, interested in the coins, and you placed each coin in the right auction. You treated me with honesty and respect, and my Heritage experience is very positive. Thank you for all you have done for me.
P.F., Puyallup, Wa
I have been extremely pleased with my involvement with Heritage Auctions. It is a very professional operation, well executed with no confusion. I have been very impressed with the courtesy of everyone involved.
R.F., Murfreesboro, TN
I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for the early auction check that I just received. I was very shocking to receive a check ahead of schedule. I was very pleased with my auction lots results and look forward to many more years of doing business with Heritage.
Bryan Fazio, Willis, TX
Great news on the Peters just as Dad is going into surgery tonight. Thank you for all your fine efforts. Deeply appreciate how you always made it a breeze.
Gregory G., n/a
I am an auction buyer, having done business with most of the major auctionhouses in the United States. So I know a good auctioneer when I meet one. And so it was when I met Karen Rigdon, Director of Decorative Arts & Design at Heritage Auctions in Dallas. Karen makes her customers, whether they are buying or selling, feel that she is looking out for their best interests. She is forthright, honest and knowledgeable, qualities that are necessary for sustained success in the auction business. I always found Karen ready to discuss the value of a piece, its condition and rarity. Theese are the reasons why I have done business with Karen Rigdon over several years and will continue. She never disappoints.
Leah G., New York, NY
Excellent company and auction presentations.
P.G., Pratt, KS
Excellent and informative catalogs. Impressive number of desirable lots.
R.G., Finksburg, MD
Heritage was thoroughly professional, and sensitive, in the handling of this portion of my collection. The coins were analyzed carefully, cataloged, photographed and presented; we discussed pre-sale estimates and probable prices realized. Those estimates accurately reflected the market, and I would have been happy to achieve them.
[Entire Letter]
David Ganz (Distinguished Past President of the American Numismatic Association), New York, NY
This is a most satisfied customer's testimonial of a true gentleman in today's era. It is rare that one encounters through the course of life a person which one has read in childhood' s classics or seen in movies of old. Jim Jelinski is just such a man!

After hearing about Heritage auctions, I decided to give them a call as I wanted to consign some collectables (coins) and left a message. A person answered back after a few days and did not seem too interested but just told me to send the coins to so and so address. I was not satisfied with the reply and did not heed. After a month I tried again and chose Jim instead and he called back the same day and was really eager and charming. Jim explained to me all the ins and outs of the consignment and would repeatedly ask if I had other questions and if not now, do not hesitate to pick the phone up and ask as many times whichever question I had. I knew at once this was a perfect professional, even more!

I at once packed a big box of slabbed coins and mailed it out to Dallas care of Mr Jim Jelinski. Once the coins were there, Jim informed me right away and was on it thereforth. During the course, I pounded Jim with so many questions and he never once made me feel awkward or silly but answered sometimes again and again the same questions with full attentiveness and delicacy that was really impressive. Those are the kind of Americans that had at one time impressed the globe although now few to find.

Now I have sent my second batch and will be preparing a third. Jim and I have developed more a son - father type relationship as he also coaches a hockey team and we here in Canada are hockey fanatics. Jim is very knowing and caring - a huge asset to Heritage Auctions and a prize for the clients. I thank you for being such that you are and may more be born like you in the future to come.
Raj Gill, Canada
I'm feeling a bit sheepish about not telling you sooner how much I LOVE the catalog for the auction. My family and I would not have this amazing keepsake memory of my dad's collection without all the hard work, beautiful photos, tasteful layout and eloquent descriptions that you and your team did. Especially, you! Your grace, patience, optimism, integrity and passion for this auction are admirable and much appreciated. It seems to me that I have not expressed enough good things to you lately which is not my normal style and personality. I can only think that maybe it's because I have not been myself due to the weight of responsibility I am feeling for the success of this auction. I'm guessing you understand how that feels. So, with a great deal of sincerity, I would like to thank you for everything you have done and are doing for us. If my dad was here, I think he would have agreed with me when I say how happy I am that I chose you to handle this auction process.
Sheri Reid Grant, Auburn Hills, MI
We’ve been meaning to email you, but figured you had your hands full with this auction. We watched it live and ALMOST didn’t survive the bidding... I don’t think either of our hearts have ever pounded so hard. I was at work and Kevin was at home, so we were each watching on our laptops while on the phone with each other. When it was over I asked Kevin what he thought and he burst into tears. I certainly didn’t expect of course, I burst into tears as well. I wasn’t sure if he was happy, or feeling super-guilty, and I was really worried about him. I kept asking if he was ok, and when he stopped crying he said, “We can do a lot for Aiden with that.” :-) So I am SO relieved he was very happy with the outcome (as was I)!!!

Thanks again for all your hard work, advertising, promotion, etc. Your auctioneer also did a BEAUTIFUL job “talking up” the ball...we were really impressed with her, and thankful as well. Tell her “thank you” for us. Thanks to ALL of you, from the bottom of our hearts!!!
Kevin and Stacy Greene
On behalf of Frito Lay, I would like to again extend my deepest “Thank You” to you and your team at Heritage Auction Galleries for your exceptional efforts with the recent auction of a number of our selected fine art and vintage photo pieces. Your team did an exceptional job of exceeding our expectations in the advertising, handling and actual auction. You delivered on every commitment you made, including getting the maximum return on the pieces your firm auctioned for us with minimal demand or effort on our internal team.

Your team did an excellent job supporting every step in the process. Pre-bid advertising exceeded our expectations. Your photography team, that took the photos for the advertising catalogues and on-line advertising, made sure every piece was presented in the best representation of the original fine art or photograph. Your team, also, respected our desire to keep our company’s identity low key in order to minimize inquiries or calls that would have been disruptive during the auction process.

But most of all, we were pleased with the amazing outcome, which we are certain was possible because of the passion and care you had for the fine art and photo collection and the ability to attract both local and international bidding audience. The partnership of your team with our internal staff drove results that exceeded all of our expectations and was well recognized at our highest executive management level.
George A. Guck
Director, Facilities and Corporate Services
Frito Lay
I would rate your performance excellent. In addition, should I ever have any questions on any lots, I always know I can obtain top notch professional advice.
D.H., Greeley, CO
Your company always strives to accommodate any reasonable request.
E.H., Ft. Worth, TX
Heritage: The industry leader in auction catalogs.
H.H., Arlington, VA
I think your auction firm is an asset to the hobby.
J.H., Durango, CO
I like your professional methods. Lot viewing is usually very easy & your assistants very accommodating.
M.H., Eugene, OR
I have dealt with auction houses since 1950, as a small child, first at the local house, then during the 1960's Sothebys, Christies, and Old Parke Bernet et al, and I find the reason for the success of Heritage is not only its wide range of merchandise, also, it is in its quality of service, lacking at the old auction houses, which are mired in out dated models and mired in their own arrogance in their mode of the treatment of customers, at Heritage, I receive hands on service, helpful attitudes, that stimulate interest and loyalty. Just recently, Christies turned down a fine Joe Jones oil on canvas, because an old auction record put his limit at 6,500, below their 10,000 dollar minimum, the painting sold a month later at Link in St. Louis for 85,000 including premium or so.
Michael H., Saint Louis, MO
I just wanted to write you a note regarding the sale of what was formerly my volume 1 of The Federalist. I am overjoyed at the fact that I chose Heritage to auction the book.Your guidance on the AP story, which ended up on the home page for both Yahoo and AOL, created something I absolutely did not expect. It resulted in a whirlwind of press and exposure to over 400 news markets, not only in the U.S., but to the far reaches of the globe. Little did I know that I would quickly be a celebrity. Well, because of that exposure, which can be directly attributed to you and your marketing department, the Heritage web page for the book reached over 25,000 page views in twenty-four hours.

All of that exposure ended up driving the price of the auction to the amazing amount of $95,600 dollars with the buyer’s premium. I have no doubt in my mind that Heritage Auction Galleries is by far the most professional and robust organization of its kind in the market. I would recommend your services to anyone who was considering auctioning collectibles. From you, Joe Fay, to the auctioneer who sealed the deal with a touching and emotional introduction of the book and my story, you all did an outstanding job! Once again, I can’t thank you enough for all you have done.
Thank you so much for all your work on the Fajita painting! You are so easy to work with as well as fast, efficient and professional. Because of your stellar service, I will be confident to recommend Heritage Auctions again!
Nancy H., Plano, TX
Very professional and pleasant to work with.
R.H., Townsend, MA
Overall performance is excellent. Your staff is professional yet courteous.
W.S.H., Denver, CO
The absolute results of Heritage Auctions and your effort has stimulated this heart felt response. Your professional support, optimistic attitude, remarkable staff communication, incredible planning and scheduling service is appreciated more than can be imagined. Thank you Chris and please express our appreciation to the Heritage Auctions staff family.

“HERITAGE AUCTIONS is the professional in collectable tangible asset auction value today!”

Heritage Auctions takes a personal interest in client success, acting in policy for an absolute positive result and reflects this direct client interest in the quality account services you provide. Evaluation in product placement, optimum exposure and maximum result is more than appreciated in our fast pace world today.

Heritage Auctions continual effort in support of our industry and many other collectable fields of interest is an invaluable service to the greater collecting and auction community. A real world word of appreciation to you and your marketing staff, Chris, Thank you. Thank you to everyone in the Heritage group for your World Class professional service.
Scott W. Halvorsen, Sandy, OR
Several years ago I inherited a painting that I decided to sell. I contacted the five major auction houses with photos of the painting and a brief description. I decided to go with Heritage Auctions when I received a prompt reply from Alissa Ford, her interest, enthusiasm, and knowledge made me feel that this would be the right company to use. Using Alissa's advice, we had some repairs made to the painting and set the estimated price on the low side, a strategy to pull in more bidders. The strategy worked beautifully as we were able to get a very good price, I will always be grateful.
James Hawkins, Lake Worth, FL
It's been almost two years now since I first made contact with Heritage Auctions to find out information about a collection of Civil War collectables which had been left in my care by my late father. For several years, the documents, letters, and photos had been in a trunk in my garage. My fear was that they, not being treated for archival preservation, would continue to deteriorate.
In a professional and friendly manner, you were particularly helpful in helping me to decide which items might be appropriate for auction. You guided me through every step of the process and kept me informed about pertinent listings and dates of the auctions. Furthermore, your approximated monetary value assessment for the items was quite accurate. Because of our interactions by phone and email, I have been entirely comfortable that the items would be handled in a way which preserves their historical value.
There have now been two auctions that contained items I have consigned. In both events, I was extremely pleased with how the items were presented online and in your catalogs. Your company's research was much more thorough than my own so I learned much that I hadn't known previously.
In October, one last document that I left in your care will be auctioned. But you can be assured that if I possess other items worthy of auction, you would be the first person I would contact.
David Heritage, Carolina Beach, NC
Last Saturday I was helping a friend work his cattle. Within the herd were some that he had purchased earlier from me . As the ropers dallied up and dragged the calfs to the fire, I mentioned to my friend that I thought that there were certain calfs in the bunch that seemed to be a little more cooperative than some of the others, especially in light of the fact that it was branding day. I suggested to him that those that were most cooperative must surely have come from the group that I had previously sold him. I went on to say that undoubtedly this was due to their superior genetics and the proper training they had received from their previous owner! He laughed and said that he had always been happy with the stock that he had gotten from me. Made me feel good.

I got to thinking about this and was again reminded of how important it is that all of us make it a point to communicate to others our appreciation for their good services or products. All too often we're quick to criticize a man for his imperfections, and totally deficient in praising him for his good works.

I am most pleased in the manner in which Heritage Auction Company performed regarding the sale of my antique UMC Cartridge board at your Dallas auction on Dec, 14, 2014. When we first met at my home you recognized the uniqueness of the board and offered excellent analysis and insight as to its marketability. At that time you also provided encouragement by sharing with me the tremendous and loyal following that Heritage has cultivated over the years among its bidder's base. It quickly became apparent to me that Heritage had a base from which it was able to draw serious and capable buyers.

Certainly much of the success we realized on sale day was due to the condition of the cartridge board itself. Over the years I have seen many, but this one was truly outstanding. Its color, condition and completeness was unsurpassed. Even the label from the manufacturer was still present on the paper on the backside of the board. I believe that the new owner may correctly consider himself to now be the owner of one of the finest, if not the finest cartridge boards in the country. No question that it is an investment grade piece. Having said that, none of these features would have been appreciated by the bidding public had they not been adequately disclosed and described in the auction catalogue. Good cataloging and lot descriptions are critical. Thank you so much for your fine placement of the photograph of the Cartridge Board and the detailed lot description you provided in the catalogue. Also, it certainly helped to have it featured in a full page photograph on the inside of the rear cover. All of this resulted in a sale price that exceeded the projected estimated amounts. Excellent work!

Thanks again to you and best wishes for an enjoyable new year,
Jim Holmes, Des Moines, IA
It was very nice getting re-acquainted with you at the Baltimore Show. Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with me and look at my coins. There will be many more coins from this collection coming to you at future shows. I have sent quite a few for grading.

I really appreciate the friendly and straightforward way you do business, and I wanted to take a minute to tell you so.
Mark Holtz, Cedar Rapids, IA
Grey is the absolute best in the business and he is completely responsible for my Movie Poster passion, a solid 10, make it an 11! I can not imagine a better or more informed individual in this wonderful hobby! Without Grey we all would be lost, he is essential and a Gentleman to say the very least!
David Huss, Mount Sinai, NY
I want to let you know the great job Jill Burgum has done for me. From the time I first met her on the Seattle Antiques Roadshow in August 2012 until the Heritage jewelry auction on December 9, 2013, Jill has done an outstanding job. Several times I contacted her for general advice and she was most accommodating and quick to respond to any question I had. Once I decided to sell the piece, Jill could not have been more helpful with advice and guidance in bringing my family heirloom to auction. I know she has gone out of her way to assist me in making sure I understood the real value of this piece. Needless to say I was overwhelmed by the results of the auction and I truly believe it was Jill’s efforts in promoting and displaying the piece that brought in the extra value.
Joan, Arlington, MN
Our experience with Heritage Auction was an exceptional success, due to their expertise and diligence given to achieve maximum results. I recommend Heritage Auction to the serious seller and buyer.
J.G.J., Elgin, AZ
Jim, thanks for being there for me when I have a question about a coin I'm thinking of buying!
John J., Seattle, WA
Thanks again for all of your wonderful work -- much of which has been far beyond the call of duty!
L.S.J., Houston, TX
I watched your stunning auction live on the internet. I'd braced myself, having decided I'd be satisfied if we hit the reserve price for "The Texas Queen." When we sailed past that milestone, I wondered if we'd get above $100,000, officially the realm of "beyond my wildest expectations." The rest of the auction seemed to unfold in dreamy slow-motion. I sat agog, my jaw resting comfortably on my lap. Y'know, I could get used to having my works sell at world record prices; it does a soul good.

So, yep Frank, thank you for all you did to find The Texas Queen its new home....and obviously it has found a fine new home as evidenced by the price the new owner was willing to pay. I'm a firm believer that great works of art are simply on sort of a cosmic loan,never really owned. They just choose a nice individual who they are convinced will care for them well, and they sit down for a spell. I had the privilege of loving and daily enjoying the painting for all the years I had it in my care. The Texas Queen must have appreciated my husbandry; it paid me a great compliment by causing such a stir in the art community and rewarding me so handsomely.

And it is not lost on me that your fingerprints are all over the success of the sale. You took exceptional care in promoting the painting, getting the word out, giving the artwork more than ample attention. That the sale was a world record is very much a result of the effort and care you put into the sale and should be considered a salute to you.
Larry J., n/a
I would really like to extend my gratitude and much appreciated support after my husband's death. The whole staff at Heritage made the difficult process of selling my husband's treasured collection much less painful through their understanding.
S.J., Clarksburg, WV
Your staff are well trained and I enjoy the auction operation.
W.T.J., Chesapeake, VA
From my first meeting with Karen Sampieri, I had a sense of confidence. Karen is professional and knowledgeable. Karen and her staff are responsive and helpful. They have kept me informed of the auction results. It has been a pleasure working with Heritage Auction and I hope to work with them on other estate auctions in the future. I look forward to an on-going relationship with Heritage Auction.
Patty Jackson, Reading, PA
I just wanted to thank you for putting out one of the BEST Collectible magazines I have read in a while. Being a collector of 40 years and a dealer for 20 years I have seen alot of Antique Trade publications come and go. This is one of the few magazines that I read every article. I like the wide variety of collectibles your writers cover. I am looking forward to the next issue.
Jeff Jaeger
As a new user of Heritage Auctions for their Space Auctions, I have submitted items in two auctions The results were excellent.  The results exceeded what I had thought the prices would realize. I am also pleased with their payment schedule. I certainly will submit other items to be placed in the Heritage Auctions.
Robert Jaques, Hartselle, AL
That is an excellent object label, condition report, and bio write-up! Christie's -- where I learned how to write object labels -- has nothing over you guys at Heritage. Good for you. See you next week.
Mara Jayne M., New York, NY
As this was my first time working with an auction house, I had no idea what to expect. I was a little reserved, because I had found the information about Heritage Auctions on the internet. But from the first time Aviva Lehmann contacted me, she made me feel very comfortable about the idea of selling my painting through Heritage. And when I finally met her in person, she treated me like an old friend!

Aviva guided me through each and every step of the selling process and made suggestions that she thought would benefit the sale of my painting. She had gained my complete trust, so following her advice was a no-brainer. And WOW, did it pay off! Overall, this was an extraordinary experience; one that I would gladly do again! Thank you, Aviva, thank you Heritage Auctions!
A. Jones, Brooklyn, NY
Hey, Jess, thank you and the young lady I spoke with--Michelle--for getting the alligator bracelet in the mail for me.  It's a present for my daughter, who is coming in from Wyoming tonight for her birthday.  She'll be delighted with it, I hope.  Again, I really appreciate the personal service that you and HA give me.  Makes me a repeat buyer! 
Ann Reiley Jones, Clinton, LA
Catalogs are fantastic!
B.K., Aiea, HI
I believe the quality of your auction service represents a goal to which all other auction companies aspire.
D.K., Carmel, IN
I have done volume business with you and never regretted it.
J.K., Redford, MI
We did know about the radio interview but this is the first we have heard it. Very nicely done. I want to thank both of you for all your hard work, enthusiasm and coverage given our painting. We couldn't have asked for anything more! And we appreciated our stay at the Mansion which was SO enjoyed. Everyone was very professional and am glad Megan McConnell will be coming up for the New York auction ------ she did a wonderful job on the catalogues. We looked for you when we left as our ride was waiting and , Atlee, hope the remainder of your day was fun with the deb parties and all. How long did you stay, Aviva? Now that we have settled back in New York, we are more pleased than at the auction itself. I think with all the hype of hearing there were going to be 3 telephone bidders plus other interest, I let my hopes overtake reality. I had done a chronology of each painting Satisfied, Pleased, Thrilled and Over-Joyed and this fell in between Pleased and Thrilled ------ somehow, I had let myself think we could attain $380,000 - $400,000 given the $515,000 price from a better market (oil is down). Naturally, wish someone thought a Central Park painting would add to their collection but am satisfied I didn't lose any money and that came in between Pleased and Thrilled, so there you are. More later but just wanted to say how much we appreciated your professionalism.
Maureen K., Rye, NY
After speaking with Mr. Jim Jelinski, I decided it was time to consign my husband's coin collection. It was a difficult decision because Dale had loved his collection and I knew it had to be in the hands of professionals who were also sensitive to the issues of a widow. Throughout the process I found Mr. Jelinski to be knowledgeable about coins and patient with my many questions (some he anticipated), including helping me learn to navigate your computer-friendly online sire. I know I would not have consigned with Heritage if I had not had such positive telephone conferences with him.

I remember being nervous before meeting Leo Frese and David Mayfield. They met me at my bank to appraise the collection and I was immediately put at ease when they exhibited the same enthusiasm for coins that I had always felt from my husband. They did not pressure me and acted with great courtesy and professionalism.

All but one of the consignable coins have been sold. And when I am ready to let go of the 1856 flying Eagle, I will call you. I have the highest regard for your company and look forward to doing business with Heritage in the future.
Thank you so much for everything you all did on this project.Everyone was raving about the way it got the word out as well as how it generated so many pre-bids. If it works with all of you, we’d love to start talking about the other “Big Name Animators” auction I think I threw out toward the beginning of our chats. Thanks again, Craig
Craig, Tustin, CA
Over the 9 months or so, we have worked with Stephanie O’Barr at Heritage Auctions. She has been our project manager for our online auction, both before, during and after our ART FROM THE HEART Celebrity Art Auction & Benefit. She has been wonderful to work with. She is professional, dedicated and always positive in her communications with us. She truly seems to be focused on helping our agency raise as much funds as possible. Everyone at Heritage Auctions that we have come in contact with has been truly amazing to work with. The professionalism and expertise is evident in all they have done for us.
Having the opportunity to post our art auction items online resulted in us raising more money than ever for our agency. This is critical when funding for our programs are harder than ever to obtain. The programs we provide directly impact our community, but we depend on the generosity of others to make it happen. It has been such a pleasure working with Stephanie and we are thankful for the chance to let others see the amazing artwork that was created or donated from the heart to help the youth from primarily low-income families from our community that struggle to overcome some serious issues.
We are so thankful for the chance to be one of the select non-profits that partner with Heritage Auctions and to work with Stephanie and the team at Slocum. We look forward to the chance to work with Heritage Auctions again in the future.
Victoria Keifer, Dallas, TX
Thank you so much for sending me the copy of the Howard Terpning cover story.
You did a great job on that interview, and The Intelligent Collector is a smart, elegant and inspiring magazine.
Sean Kelly, NY, NY
My copy of The Intelligent Collector arrived today. And my afternoon productivity just stopped. The Merrill Berman collection is amazing. Love it. I don't even know where to begin. The Tadanori Yokoo silkscreen poster. The Exercise and Sport, with a Monty Python vibe, very cool. The Fritz Schleifer poster, which I can't get enough of. And Carl Grossberg's Textile Factory, wow. All of them are wonderful.

I just read a long piece on the anniversary of the Ali-Liston fight so your sports auction results featuring the gloves from the fight and Ali's letter to the draft board stopped me in my tracks. Good stuff. And the Lombardi story is so appealing on so many levels, especially here in Wisconsin.

Your By The Numbers feature is a winner. And I'm going to steal your 1943 treatment on page 12. You've been warned. By the way, tell your designer "nice job" on the Warhol treatment of the TV celebs on page 50. Good choice.

Congratulations, Hector. And thanks for the great read. Oh yeah, excellent choice of cover stock. Perfect.
Paul Kennedy, Iola, WI
I just wanted to reach out to you again and let you know what a wonderful experience I had dealing with the Heritage Auction in New York City on November 19th. I first learned of your company through Jim Atkinson and I found the events leading up to the auction, the auction itself, and the communication thereafter to be very professional. Not being experienced in these matters I really appreciated you holding my hand as the auction unfolded. It goes without saying that after the auction when we had a chance to have dinner together and get to know each other it even made it a better experience for me. I look forward to getting more involved with Heritage in the Future.
Eric King, Albany, NY
I wish to express my sincere gratitude to both you and Jim Wolf for counseling me so well with regard to the watches I just sold at auction with Heritage. The results truly exceeded my expectations, and for this, you both deserve all the credit. Jim, I shall continue to count on your good advice and friendship as I continue to buy and sell coins, jewelry, and sports memorabilia. Please do look me up when you are in South Florida.
Dr. David Kirsner, Miami, FL
I'm writing this to express my thanks to Jason Friedman for his above average performance helping me with my Consignment and other matters. Any time I had a question, concern or needed information, he responded immediately. I found Jason very helpful and easy to work with. He is a credit to your organization.

I also want to mention Matt Orsini. I wanted some advice on how to reinvest my Consignment proceeds and he was very helpful. He gave me some general areas on which to focus and also some specific lots to consider. He also immediately responded to any of my requests. My current area of focus is new to me and I found his help very valuable.

I'm very pleased to be working with Jason and Matt and look forward to doing so in the future.
James Paul Klein, Staunton, VA
I have been remiss in not sending this email earlier. Regarding Atlee Phillips, HA head of Texas art: she is the most knowledgeable and trustworthy consultant I believe HA has on staff. My husband and I are seasoned dealers and astute collectors who are capable enough to purchase antiques on our own. When we stray from the fields of knowledge we find dealers we trust to aid us in our purchases. Paying too much is not bad, buying something that it is not as represented, is. We have a high enough comfort level with Atlee to ask her what she thinks is good and possibly overlooked in her auctions. Time and again she has given us trusted information. We have bought several paintings she has pointed out, kept some and sold others and made a profit. There are very few consultants anywhere in the country who are as competent as she. She is one of HA's best assets and it would be a very sad day if she ever chose to leave. I hope to have a long relationship with Atlee and cherish her knowledge and expertise in the art field.
Mary Kokles, Garland, TX
The three pieces of historic china I purchased in the most recent auction arrived today. I don't know who your packers are, but please let them know that in 37 years of collecting, this was the most thorough and secure packing I've ever seen. I truly appreciate their diligence and attention to detail. I buy a good many pieces of historic china from European dealers and its sometimes a miracle that pieces arrived undamaged. A beautiful and rare Woodrow Wilson Limoges casket arrived a few weeks ago; the dealer wrapped it in a silk scarf as preparation for mailing. I'm sure you hear your share of gripes and rumblings from the peanut gallery. I felt compelled to write- indeed, I would be remiss not to write- after unpacking this superbly done box of beautiful items.
Brian Krapf, Savannah, GA
Keep up the good work!
D.L., Los Angeles, CA
Professional presentation, accurately described coins. My telephone dealings with your staff shows them to be very responsive and customer-service oriented.
D.L., Charlotte, NC
I have found my experience with Heritage to be honest, straightforward and very businesslike. You have always tried to accommodate my needs and desires and have done a very good job. Keep up the good work.
J.D.L., Vidalia, GA
This was my first bid, by mail, in one of your auctions and I was very pleased with every aspect.
J.L., Ft. Wayne, IN
I have known Katie Natronis for over ten year and have followed her career from Bonhams Auction House (Los Angeles) to Heritage Auctions (Beverly Hills). I have worked with Katie whilst she served in her former role as Specialist, 20th Century Decorative Arts at Bonhams, and have now become a client at Heritage where she serves as Consignment Director/Specialist, 20th and 21st Design. Through, I have been impressed with the way Katie interacts with clients, proving herself to be a person of integrity, honesty, and civility. In her capacity as a 20th and 21st century decorative arts and design specialist, Katie is knowledgeable, forthright, and communicates with clarity and diplomacy. I have had the good fortune to sell several objects consigned through Katie, and most recently several of my contemporary design objects were featured in Heritage's 20th Century Decorative Arts and Design Auction on October 11, 2015. The entire experience working with Katie, from start to finish, was a pleasure, and I benefitted from her consummate professionalism, evinced in the exacting research, spot-on evaluations, and considerate handling of the total transaction. The outcomes achieved for the lots I consigned exceeded my expectations. Katie's expertise is unparalleled, and the passion and enthusiasm she demonstrates for her job are infectious and admirable. She treats her clients- me among them- with respect and show them a generosity of spirit not often extended in the business world; indeed, these are very laudable qualities. I can state without reservation that I believe Katie Nartonis to be a valuable asset to Heritage Auctions, and I hope our fruitful and collegial relationship will continue for years to come.
Jo L., Los Angeles, CA
Very thorough, almost scholarly. Very accurate and honest. Kept the catalog as a future reference volume.
M.L., Rosemont, IL
I’m a British artist and designer working in the field of contemporary furniture and fiber arts. Katie Nartonis recently made a visit to my new studio in downtown LA - within just a few months she sold one of my new pieces at Heritage’s 20th & 21st Century Design Auction, in Dallas! During her visit we’d a really fun discussion. She encouraged me to talk about my latest collection, and she was able to make reference to my work in relation to the wider field of the decorative arts, which was interesting and enlightening. I wasn’t expecting it, so was excited when she asked to have a piece to sell at Auction. We quickly chose a piece, discussed prices, packing, shipping and photography: it was all so quick and easy. Once the photo and the text were in the online catalogue I wanted changes and additions made. Katie worked with me on both and within 24 hours a new photo and excellent text were in the catalogue. I was really pleased with the outcome and the way she worked with me on this. I appreciated being treated like a colleague on this project. Katie has huge expertise in our field of the decorative arts, and what’s interesting to me is that she has an individual focus that’s unique to her. Her professional manner is upbeat and pleasant. I look forward to working with her again and feel I’ve made a new friend.
Mary L., Los Angeles, CA
I can only state that I am more than pleased with the results obtained by Heritage Auctions in marketing my Kondos painting. From beginning to end they had the confidence they would do the best job and they were correct. Another major house refused the work stating it was too unique for the artist. Heritage saw that as an advantage! And it was.
Thank you again for your excellent work.
James P. Lennane, Naples, FL
The customer service I experienced was top notch. It made the consignment process a pleasure from beginning to end. The web page and user interface is head and shoulders above anybody else in the industry.
Steven Lester, Owensboro, KY
First, I am so pleased with your new publication. I think it is right on time and right on the money. As a medium sized estate and trust liquidator with approx $10m per year in liquidations I have already found your first issue very informative.  We have two locations but a very heavy walk in traffic load as well as a dozen trust attorneys that we regularly work with. We are also a consignor to Heritage, Southebys, and Christies . We hope to step up our consignments to Heritage in the future. It is tools like these that will help facilitate that. Please send me a few of the Collectors Handbook so I can review it and decide how I will proceed
Hawk Levy, Port St Lucie, FL
HA has done an excellent job in selling my domain for a very good price. This domain had been in other auctions before where it did not sell. HA is a traditional auction house, they set up their auctions slightly different from typical domain auctions. This works well, it seems to be a good mix of old age (live bidding in a prestigious hotel) and new age (online bidding). Their director of IP, Aron Meystedt, has a background in domain investment so he understands both worlds. I found it very easy to work with him. And the end result counts: HA found me a buyer for a price that makes me happy.
Hennie Groot Lipman, N/A
I just received my summer issue of your magazine. I was so pleased with it I had to sit right down and write to you. I have been a collector and had antique shops for a long, long time. I never had a reference type magazine like yours, which I would have loved. It taught me a lot in just one issue.

I always mark the pages in magazines that I want to look back on and reread. Almost every page in your magazine has my marker on it. I shall be busy reading for a long while. Thank you again. Keep up the good work. I hope to be able to consign with you soon.
Jeanne Lynch, Reading, MA
I never attend a Heritage auction that I don't leave with a treasure in my pocket.
A.M., Oceanside, CA
I would like to thank HA and Alissa Ford for helping me with the consignment process of my painting. My experience with HA and especially Alissa has been wonderful. All of my questions (and I had many), were patiently answered by Alissa. The information that was collected about my painting by Alissa with the help of Mr. Fenn and others is so fascinating. I am grateful to have learned more about the painting than I knew. I want to thank Alissa for keeping the facts of how the painting came into my possession in the article of "Fine Art Connoisseur" Magazine. It was beautifully written and touches me deeply. Alissa and Heritage House, thank you so much for your care of my painting, for your kindness in helping me through the process, and the experience of your company and the excellent service. I am very pleased with the final sale of my painting.
Barb M., Gainesville, GA
I am writing to let you know what a great experience I feel it has been working with you as a representative of Heritage Auction Galleries. I appreciated very much your quick response to phone calls, the time you took to answer my questions and the efficiency of the whole transaction.
C.M., Carmichael, CA
The folks at Heritage have always given their best in regards to my consignments and have assisted me time and time again.
J.M., Laguna Beach, CA
You always do an excellent job at all your auctions I have attended.
J.M., San Antonio, TX
I am pleased to express my appreciation for the studies evaluation and apperception of my lifetime art collection of the 60’s and 80’s. Express my appreciation for the editorial quality of documentation of artist/artisan creations. Express my appreciation of the publications superiority that your graphics personal achieved in the media/internet presentations. Express my appreciation in the team-family-attitude which the full staff asked me to join to complete the final auction success.

As art director for the framed Braniff International Airways I was known as a never-satisfied-media-task-master. Today, I stand gladdened and honored that your staff members worked as though the collection was their own to return to the world. Congratulations on a job well done… strike that, add...for a job magnificently done.
I cannot say enough for the service that you provided. It is much appreciated. I will definitely recommend heritage in the future.
Joseph M., Parsippany, NJ
I just wanted to take a moment to express my thanks and gratitude for sending me the amazing Stallone auction catalog. Amazing. Extremely well done. I am bidding on an item and am watching the auction as I write this. Thanks so much. Please continue to think of me when sending these amazing (and I know very expensive to produce) catalogs. If I've not mentioned before, my poster collection is in my will to be sold through your find house. I hope to live long enough to make it worth your while.
Joseph M., New Orleans, LA
My recent experience with Heritage Auctions was the first time I have put items up for auction. I approached it with some trepidation but Katie Nartonis guided me through with warmth,clarity and ease. She was responsive, energetic and available and helped me greatly. To my delight, most of the lots sold and Katie navigated an advance for me quickly. I am impressed with the beautiful publicity that was presented for my lots. I am deeply pleased by my experience with Ms Nartonis and Heritage Auctions. And I truly look forward to working with her again.
Nicki M., Taos, NM
I want to thank you for the way your company handled the sale of our autograph book and Lincoln hair. These items had been in our family for 150 years and it was a very difficult decision for me to sell them. I contacted Tom Slater and my wife and I went to Dallas to speak with him about the possibility of selling these items. Tom gave us a tour of your building and introduced us to many people in many different fields assuring us as to the professionalism of Heritage Auctions. Tom came to my house in Cleburne where we discussed the possibility of the sale. We examined several different family documents, old stocks and papers. Tom assured me that if we allowed Heritage Auctions to sell the autograph album and Lincoln hair that they would be handled professionally and with care. We would not have made the decision we did without the professionalism and understanding of Tom Slater. Sandra wrote up a nice article about our items and their presentation in the catalogue were very professional. The presentation was so good I wanted to buy them myself. It was very sad for me to sell these items but it is time for the family to move on.
Patt M., Cleburne, TX
I think your auction is the best one I have ever participated in. It is well done!
R.M., Ft. Collins, OH
Thank you Joe. I am very happy with the outcome. We (my brother Val and me) are very grateful to you and your wife for treating us and the book so nicely and helping make all of this possible. My father would've been pleased.
Russ M., Staten Island, NY
Great performance. Checks on time.
T.M., Birmingham, AL
I think Heritage is the best in the business.
T.M., Ukiah, CA
I just wanted to take a quick minute to let you and your boss know how very much I enjoyed working with you and Heritage. When I started this process, I had no idea what I was doing- it was like learning a foreign language! I not only have learned so much, I have started taking classes in the appraisal arena because I feel there isn't an adequate representation in the southern Chicago suburbs! When I first contacted Aviva we just clicked! I realize Joliet Il and New York City are miles apart not only in proximity but in how we live our lives. Not only did Aviva "bridge" those gaps- she embraced them! From Heritage sending me the gigantic fed ex shipping box to the end result- Aviva was on top of the process and keeping me apprised all along the way. She is a wonderful addition to your staff and I wanted you to know what a "gem" you have! Thanks again!
Janet Madrigal, Joliet, IL
I want to thank you for your fine work with the auction of my EC/Kurtzman fanzines.  Your item descriptions were spot on I'm certain they played a major role in the very successful outcome!  All were sold at VERY satisfactory prices!  I look forward to working with you in future listings.  Thanks again!
John Mahoney, Greenwood, IN
When both my mother and father were diagnosed with dementia and went into full time care facilities, my family was overwhelmed with both emotion and paperwork. My parents didn't have any assets to speak of so we had to sell the family home to attend to their care. In their home we found tons of coins, all in different packaging and in varied condition. We had them appraised by a dealer in our home town but weren't sure what to do.
Then, we met Sarah Miller at Heritage Auctions in New York. Sarah is a gem. She was friendly and kind but also had a knowledge of coins that was astounding. Just looking at them, she was absolutely accurate about the most minute detail about each coin before even looking it up. And there were not just run-of-the-mill coins but very rare ones as well.
She appraised them at the same cost as the dealer in our home town which was reassuring but also told us that by selling with HA, we would be selling to the world, with lots of marketing so we had a chance to make more than what the home town dealer was willing to offer us (so he'd make a good spread.) She set us a ease and set us up to win. She knew certain coins would do better if they were CAC certified but she told us not to waste our money on certifying others that would not make a difference.
The HA website was so easy to use and we could see the pre-auction bids coming in, which was exciting. Sarah had suggested we wait to sell the coins at one of the best coin conventions in the US. The day of the live auction, I was traveling but with the HA website, was able to live-stream the auction and watch our coins sell.
From start to finish, HA, and Sarah Miller in particular, made this process smooth and actually fun. Sarah answered every question I had before, during and after the auction and HA updated me constantly about the status of my lot (including when I would be paid).
During such a rough time for our family, Heritage Auctions and Sarah Miller took one thing off our plate and treated my parents legacy with the utmost respect and dignity.
Thank you, Sarah and HA!
Michael Medico, Los Angeles, CA
I wanted to thank you, Mark and everyone at Heritage who was involved in the auciton of my complete Sheldon variety set of Large Cents. The collection was a true love of mine. What I most appreciated was how thorough you were when we initially met, how you were conservative in your estimates, not trying to get me to consign by giving false expectations, and then for delivering above and beyond on your commitment to me of a wonderful marketing campaign and a first rate catalog and photos, all of which resulted in a final total price realized that was nicely higher than what you had told me to expect.
Selling the collection was a major decision for me, but since the set was complete, I felt the time was right. Thank you for a flawless experience from start to finish. I am most grateful.
Adam Mervis, Decatur, IL
I would also like to thank your auction company for the promotion of the auction and was pleasantly surprised by the number of bidders who attended, as well as the prices realized. It was a pleasure doing business with you.
[Entire Letter]
Warren Miller
Thank you for having such a wonderful and easy-to-use website! We really appreciate all of the high res images available online, plus the great support if we do have questions. Thank you!
Sarah Mock, Leesburg, VA
I hope this finds you doing well. I just received a call from Mary Sheridan, whose late husband’s small collection of guns in Palm Desert you took care of. She had just received her check, and was calling to tell me how very pleased she is with every aspect of her dealings with Heritage – your expertise and assistance, the accuracy of the estimate range, the paperwork explaining all the details, the check arriving right when expected, etc.
Robb Morgan, Glendale, CA
Alissa made the consignment and auction of my art informative, easy and fun. Her knowledge and in-depth research provided very accurate and up-to-date information about current market conditions for my specific artists, subject matter and style of paintings. In fact, I decided to auction one of the gems of my collection based on what I learned. I was pleased with the Heritage Auctions process and would highly recommend Alissa Ford to my friends and colleagues.
Byron N., Lubbock, TX
Very courteous, pleasant and professional!
G.N., Jacksonville, FL
You are the Rolls-Royce of auction companies. Your ads & catalogs are the most attractive, creative, professional looking, and grammatically correct.
P.N., Hunt Valley, PA
Your catalog for this auction is the most beautiful I have ever seen! What a great job on colors & presentation.
R.N., Spring Lake, MI
Thanks Todd, this is why I like purchasing from Heritage, you are so customer oriented and with your size and my meager purchases it always amazes me how quickly you respond. You are by far the best auction company I have ever dealt with and I own an auction company, so I know! I look forward to our business relationship continuing to grow over many more years.
Ken Nelson, Moulton, AL
I just read your notification of the final sale of my dear old Peanuts strips. I am stunned, I am in tears, I can't believe my good fortune, but most of all.... I am forever grateful to you, Ed. Your advice and always encouraging words have made my day and certainly my year. 2014 was a tough time for me but discovering you and having your guidance and help every step of the way will keep me smiling for a long time to come.

I have copies of the strips which I plan to frame and put back on the wall where the originals were. Underneath I will frame a copy of the coming Heritage check with a notation: "I used to have the originals of these - this is why I don't anymore". Little old ladies like me seldom have windfalls like this. I'm taking your advice and hope to take a trip (or 2) to places I've always wanted to see and never thought I would. I'll be 83 in September so it's now or never.... thanks to you, Heritage, Charles Schultz and John Dirks - IT'S NOW !!

I hope you and your lady have found a lovely home in Dallas. Fill it with love and laughter for as long as you can (love being the key word here). I feel as if I know you personally so you should know that you and your family will always be in my thoughts and prayers. You'll forever be streaming bestest hopes and joyful wishes.
Sally O, Tucson, AZ
I contacted both Sothebys and Christies and the both said it would be difficult to sell my painting.

I contacted Alissa at Heritage and she went right to work.

The consignment process was very simple and the piece sold at the top of the range. The price actually exceeded my expectations.

Needless to say I am extremely satisfied with Ms. Ford and Heritage Auction house and will use their services in future.
Richard Oster, CA
Your corporate efficiency and detail FAR exceeds your competitors.
John P., Santa Fe, NM
I want to thank you for the assistance you have given me in the auction of the "gems" of my United States currency. The level of service and support you gave me in the consignment of these notes made the entire process easy for me. The descriptions and images in the catalog for the FUN auction resulted in the excellent prices that I received. Heritage has firmly established themselves as the best auction firm to do business with. I have some more small notes and fractional currency to sell but I believe that I will wait for now. As always, it is a pleasure doing business with you.
K. Phillips, n/a
Thank you so much for making this deal happen. HA is a world class organization that will continue to get my business as a collector, history buff, and numismatist. Jerod did a great job of continuing the negociation to conclusion. Bob continues to do a superb job as my PPC at HA. Last, Todd, thank you so much for providing leadership and help while on travel.

The item is mailed as of today. The HA buyer got a great item at a good price.
Phillip Poe, Saratosa, FL
Heritage has been my number ONE choice for both buying and selling coins for the last five years-and will be for the next ten as well!
J.Q., Reston, VA
I was just glancing through some of the fine arts that will be listed in our upcoming auction. I know you are just getting started but I am very pleased with the detail of the work that is going into the descriptions & the comparison listing prices of previous items sold by the same artist. It is looking great!
As always, the book auctions continue to be well listed & described. The prices they are bringing have also been quite nice. I am so excited about the upcoming aviation & rare music auction!
Everyone who has come to the house has been professional, as well as warm and friendly. In fact, everyone at the HA preview was equally nice.
We have also have become more educated about antiques from HA, an unexpected perk. And we thoroughly enjoyed our visit to HA for a preview auction just to see how it all works.
Don't just think I am just a sweet person who always says nice things. I complain loudly when I have poor customer service. So, I feel if I complain loudly, I also should also give compliments where compliments are due. Heritage Auctions definitely deserves many compliments!
Karen Quinton, Nacogdoches, TX
Heritage offers extensive and professional auction services.
M.R., Merrick, NY
When things started to go south in my business, I decided it was time to sell some of my cherished art collection. I had no idea where to start, what the pieces were worth today and, frankly, who to trust in this mater. I searched the internet to get some ideas as to their value and came across Heritage Auctions. I wholeheartedly recommend Heritage Auctions to anyone interested in selling their art, coins, books or any of the specialty items they handle.
Though the other companies put up a good fight, Heritage is the best bar none. Customer service is your greatest asset.
T.R., Kula, HI
I just spoke with Win Callender and he informed me that it was your suggestion that the coin be moved to the Long Beach Auction. I wanted to thank you in writing for this ingenious move. The coin brought one of the highest prices for a PCGS MS 62 Flowing Hair Dollars in a long while.

I would also like to say thanks for Win Callender who has help me make well informed decisions in my coin purchases. It don't get much better than that, he's practically error free in my opinion.

I also wanted you to know that Heritage Auctions is exclusively the place where I consign to sell coins.

I just wanted you to know what Heritage means to me and I am very thankful for all you and your staff has done for me.
Antonio Richardson, n/a
Thanks so much for all your work in cataloging and promoting the collection. You really did a great job and I was consistently impressed. It was a pleasure dealing with you and with Heritage. I did watch the auction live, and yes, it was exciting to see. There were several pieces that sold for far less than I felt is what they "should" be worth, but the market has spoken. Those were made up for by the ones that exceeded my expectations. I find it fascinating that when I originally pulled numbers out of the air to come up with my own evaluation I ended up with $130,000. Yours was obviously less but I figured that if the total fell in the middle, around $100K, I would consider it a successful sale. I was therefore surprised to see that it ended up nearly spot-on to my own estimate -- $131,410. Damn close! I assume that the two lots that didn't sell (inexplicably, to my way of thinking) will be returned. Like any collector I have mixed feelings about parting with these but life goes on. As the well-worn cliché goes, we are only custodians of these treasures.
René Rondeau, Corte Madera, CA
I hope you got my phone message about how thrilled we were at the results of our sale. I know that you had a great deal to do with it and we thank you very much. We have now sold all clocks and watches from my dad’s collection, and we have kept a few for ourselves, family and friends. Without your help, I don’t think we would have been nearly as successful on the prices, but more than that, we have peace of mind that we did the best we could do for our dad.
Suzan Roper
It has been such a pleasure working with you, and I’m very happy with the results of the sales … You were so “on target” with your estimates ... Great job! This is my first experience with Heritage, and it has been great. I really feel that the marketing was outstanding …. I appreciate all of your work, your expert advice, and the “hand-holding” as I ventured out into the world of the consignments & auctions for the first time! This whole experience has been such an education... and so much fun! I know you are busy and have much yet to do, but I did want to thank you for all you did to contribute to a very enjoyable experience!
Kathleen Rotert
Please give a big thank you to the entire Heritage team who made this happen. Everyone was a pleasure to work with and Heritage delivered beyond our expectations.
Cheryl Rubin, Sr. Vice President-Brand Management DC Comics, New York, NY
I was very leery of doing this since my Dad's items had been in the family for over 30 years after his death and I felt I would pass them on to my children. After seeing other people put their material up for sale and a couple other factors I thought it was time to possibly sell the lot I had. Thanks to meeting Lei Dunbar she felt we couldn't do better than going with Heritage. End of the story is that all went extremely well and I was more than satisfied with our results. After having been hounded by these shops around the country that wanted to buy world series rings or bats, etc., I know for a fact that the sale by Heritage was way beyond what I was offered by other people. If I had to do it over again, I would absolutely choose Heritage again.
Charles Ruffing Jr, Phoenixville, PA
We went to the movies this afternoon and when we left the house, the auction looked as if our painting had been passed over and DID NOT SELL.   I was going to send you a note tomorrow to say that we had enjoyed meeting and working with you and hoped that you were not too disappointed with the results.  Can't believe that you did sell it,  I am really glad, and glad for you too.  Our thanks for I truly believe it was your enthusiasm that sold this painting.  I hope the people who bought it will enjoy it, we really enjoyed it while we had it but it was time to let go.  
MS, New York
What a great experience. It was a lot of fun watching it all on Saturday. We are so excited about how it turned out. So very happy.
A.S., Corona Del Mar, CA
I gotta compliment you guys on how you conducted the sale. First off it was conducted very professional and the cataloging was fantastic. Mark B helped me out finding the perfect coins for my set. And lastly, by putting the bust dimes in all the sales rather than just putting them in 1 sale truly allowed me greater opportunities to acquire a whole bunch that I wouldn’t have been able to acquire.
Barry S., n/a
I think you run a very good auction.
D.S., Shelbyville, KY
I can bid with confidence that I will obtain lots at the lowest possible price in Heritage auctions.
D.S., Miamisburg, OH
Overall, you do a very good professional job.
G.S., Rosemead, CA
I just wanted to reach out and thank you for all that you did for Gloria and I. You were so helpful going thru 13 pages of coins letting me know what to do with what and also referring us on the artwork and poster. I wish we had found you earlier. I was so impressed with Heritage building and location and professionalism and you were a total joy to work with and handled her really well. We both left saying what fun that was to be there and what a joy you were. I'm going to use you again if I have any other clients with coins, gold, silver or platinum and refer you out. I don't do this full time as training is my full time job but I live Downtown Chicago in a high end neighborhood where there's lots of business for you and a company like Heritage and I will definitely refer. I'm a huge Yelper and write a review already and put you guys on my personal Facebook and training Facebook and Instagram pages. Heritage is the best ! Thanks again!
Gloria S., Chicago, IL
I was very satisfied with your service. The price realized was very fair.
H.S., Levittown, PA
Being somewhat of a nervous auction purchaser I was so pleased to be able to work with the staff at the Heritage Auction House in Dallas. Everyone and I mean everyone was helpful, patient and professional. I was looking to purchase a Tiffany Studios floral lamp (a major purchase for me) and had a number of questions concerning authenticity and condition. The staff was very informed and if they did not know the answer they quickly found out the facts and contacted me within a reasonable amount of time. Their kindness and promptness was unmatched by any other auction house that we have experienced. Nick Dawes was especially helpful in assisting me to understand that the piece I wished to bid on was not only all original but in excellent condition. His wealth of information made it possible for me to bid with confidence. I sincerely look forward to working with the staff at Heritage, in the future.
Harry S., Omaha, NE
Bidding in auctions like yours is certainly the best way to buy coins. Great selection, time to evaluate your bids and the price you want. Your catalogs are always well made and enjoyable to read and look at.
J.S., Fairfield, OH
Very good selection of scarce material as well as some for the average collector.
J.S., Rochester, MN
Your friendly, professional staff does a first rate job.
J.S., Johnstown, PA
In all my dealings with Heritage, I have been most satisfied. Your staff is excellent and your promptness in lot delivery is great. Catalogs are 1st class.
J.S., Salisbury, NC
It was such a pleasure working with you and Kinzelman Art Consulting on the large corporate collection we have been selling over the last few years. 170+ items and together we got them all sold – and sold pretty well! Your attention to detail and thorough management of the collection from initial evaluation, through shipping, to final settlements was impressive. Your client should be extremely pleased with your work!
Julia S., Houston, TX
We want to thank you for your for all of your help in cataloging our mint state Barber half dollar set sold recently at the 2016 FUN auction by Heritage Auctions. The quality of the research and preparation that you did was first-rate, evident in the careful description of each coin you provided in the catalog. The pedigree information, the coin descriptions, and other important comments all made the catalog something very special. It was also pleasing to see that some of our owners' comments were included in the catalog, adding to the personality and charm of the descriptions. These seemingly small items really make a difference and remind us all that coin collecting is a fun pursuit. We will treasure the catalog with its excellent photography and your descriptions; it is a quality souvenir from this important event in our lives. The entire Heritage team that we worked with, particularly Jim Stoutjesdyk, and you, helped make our experience very pleasant. Jim really helped us with questions we had along the way, and made sure all the details were taken care of for us. You both were so pleasant to deal with. It was a pleasure meeting Jim Halperin and providing him with our feedback. The auctioneer did a superb job of helping us obtain the best possible prices for our treasures. By my study, nine of our 74 different coins in the sale set new highest prices. That shows real results. The entire Heritage team that we worked with, particularly Jim Stoutjesdyk, and you, helped make our experience very pleasant. Jim really helped us with questions we had along the way, and made sure all the details were taken care of for us. You both were so pleasant to deal with. It was a pleasure meeting Jim Halperin and providing him with our feedback. The auctioneer did a superb job of helping us obtain the best possible prices for our treasures. By my study, nine of our 74 different coins in the sale set new highest prices. That shows real results. We will continue to collect coins and know that our paths will cross again. Again, our most sincere thanks on a job well done by you and the Heritage Team.
Peter S., Norton Shores, MI
Your advertising is quality. Your information makes it easy for me to make decisions.
R.S., Point Pleasant, NJ
My brother-in-law died with a collection of 100 rifles and guns. My wife and I had no knowledge of firearms. After a lot of research we came upon Heritage. Their representative, Clifford Chappell, was everything in one package. He reappraised the collection, told us what to expect at a minimum, explained the current gun market, the auction procedure, payment, and all the various nuances that might transpired in-between. He informed us prior to taking the collection on simple things we could do to enhance the collection and what not to do that might devalue it.

Cliff was informative, extremely knowledgeable, humorous, and very gun savvy. Heritage did an excellent job cataloging the collection, and the proceeds were beyond our greatest expectations!
Roberta Senderov, Claremont, CA
I felt this painting was special and would do well and, wow, did it! So happy it broke the record by a mile! Congratulations to you and your staff for a job well done! Heritage auctions is the best in the business!
Douglas Seward, Vineyard Haven, MA
The collecting community was wondering how Heritage would do with this specialized collection, and the catalog exceeded everyone’s expectations. It was really a brilliant move talking to so many people and bringing them into the project, so they feel involved
Roger Siboni, Mantoloking, NJ
We were very happy to see the results from the Heritage September Coin Auction in Long Beach where our $50 California Territorial gold coin did so well. Although my inlaws are sad to see the coin go (after being in their family for over 60 years) they are thrilled with the outcome of the auction. I am glad that I took your suggestion about producing the video description- I believe that it is quite obvious that it really made a huge difference for the better. Thanks also for sending me a copy of the DVD and an additional catalogue which I will forward to them in the Phillipines.

I am quite pleased with my first experience with Heritage as a consignor and look forward to the upcoming Space collectibles Auction and next year's rare book auction where I will be consigning as well. Thank you so much for all your guidance and assistance throughout the auction process. Your comments and explanations really helped to answer every concern my inlaws had expressed. I look forward to working with you again in the future sometime.
James M. Sigler
I wanted to take a few moments to share with you our feelings regarding our recent experience as consignors with Heritage. My wife and I have collected for years and with past experience, reaching out to auction companies left us feeling rather negative. However, this recent experience with Heritage has been altogether different for several reasons. First, our initial contact with Katie Nartonis was so much different than what we had experienced in the past. Katie had time to talk to us and truly seemed to share our passion for modern design, but she was also genuinely interested and probed to find out what we needed, then clearly communicated to us what Heritage could offer in order to meet those needs. Unfortunately, we were still reluctant to send our treasure for Heritage's maiden voyage(s) for 20th / 21st century design, but then we received an email from Katie. The route we decided to take was secondary to the fact that she just really wanted to check out some pictures of our stuff. We were on the board. From that point forward, everything we were told would happen... happened. Everything promised was delivered on. If she was getting back with answers Monday, we had answers Monday. If we called her, she always took the time to ensure our questions were answered. There was no doubt in our minds that we could trust Heritage, and that we had made the right choice. When it came time to deliver our consignments, we were placed in the care of Andrew Quezada who coordinated everything perfectly. The whole crew at the warehouse dove in, unloaded the truck, got everything checked in... they even gave us cold water and fresh fruit. We are happy to say that every Heritage team member we have come into contact with has shared the same core values of honesty, reliability, and caring -which is incredible given the number of people and locations in your organization. Both my wife and I have been just thrilled with everyone on your team at Heritage. We have consignments in three upcoming auctions and look forward to continuing to work with Heritage in the future.
James & Angela Smith, Bullard, TX
Another Heritage Signature World Coin Auction just opened and what happened next is what has happened for just about every such auction for almost a decade. I reviewed the catalog on-line and sent Jim Jelinski a list of about a dozen world gold coins that interested me. As always, Jim carefully examined the coins and promptly called me to discuss the merits of each. Among the topics of discussion: The luster, strike, color and surfaces of each coin, the general eye appeal (very important), the level of demand, how the coin fits within my collecting goals and Jim’s overall assessment (not always positive – also very important). Then Jim ranked the coins from first to last. What I especially appreciate is that Jim’s rankings are based on an overall assessment of the coins and not just grade or price. Because of his thorough analysis I’ve been comfortable making strong bids for coins we both like and thus I’ve been able to win my fair share of lots. I’ve been extremely satisfied with every coin I’ve purchased based on Jim’s recommendation. I can’t imagine building a collection any other way.

Jim is not only there for me during auctions but also for anything else I need coin-wise. A little over a year ago I had a coin (purchased before I began working with Jim) that was in a major grading service MS63 holder but was in fact tooled. Jim and Heritage helped shepherd the coin through a back and forth with the grading service (at one point they mistakenly believed the coin to be counterfeit) until a satisfactory conclusion was reached. Jim and Heritage spent I don’t how many hours on this without hesitation. What fantastic customer service! Of course when the time comes to sell Jim will be the one I’ll call.

I would highly recommend building a collection with Jim’s input. Not only will you have a better collection, but you’ll enjoy working with a friendly and interesting person who has your best interests at heart.
Richard C. Stern, Brooklyn, NY
Just wanted to drop you a quick note and tell you how impressed I was with your auctioneer, Michael Sadler. As you know I have attended auctions of all types on a worldwide basis, and I have to say Michael is one of the best I have seen. Confident, commanding, entertaining, and professional, he definitely helped to make you some additional BP on Saturday night. He is a money maker, and an asset to Heritage. If my clients were to auction something of significance, having him as the auctioneer would be a deal maker as far as I am concerned.
Kevin A. Swersey, Hawthorne, NY
Running a good operation... makes attending a Heritage auction fun.
A.T., Springfield, MO
It's simply amazing to participate in one of your auctions.
B.T., San Diego, CA
Excellent firm. Please keep up the professional work.
C.T., Bristol, TN
I've been meaning to contact you to say thank you for your kindness at the Stallone auction last month. My name is Gary and I traveled from Australia with my Dad for the auction. I've been a fan of Stallone's all of my life and those few days were very special to me. I gave Sly his 50 year old high school yearbook as a gift - as much as I wanted to keep it in my collection, it brought me a lot joy seeing how much it meant to him. I wanted to specifically thank you for your time at the auction, and for the signed copy of the auction catalog that you presented to me. I was planning to buy one regardless, but to receive it in that manner and to have Sly personalize it to me was something very special. I was incredibly happy with the items I bought at the auction, but those few minutes I had with Sly mean more than any collectible item to me. Thank you and congratulations on a great auction, it was truly a once in a lifetime experience. I look forward to taking part in future heritage auctions.
Gary T., Brisbane, AU
My wife Alice and I want to take this opportunity to thank Heritage and all of its employees for over 10 years of exceptional service. We have used Heritage as a major supplier for our numismatic business needs for over a decade now. Heritage has provided essentially flawless service. The billing is always correct, the cataloging is great and the web site is outstanding. We buy coins and currency from various Heritage auctions weekly and we have many hundreds of lots shipped to us yearly from Heritage. We have been doing this for over a decade now. It is amazing but we have never had one item lost or delivered incorrectly. That is a truly superb accomplishment for any company and it speaks volumes about the skill of the Heritage management team and the quality of the Heritage employees. We look forward to doing business with Heritage for many decades to come.
Thank you so very much for the time and care you invested in bringing my R. Lalique collection to auction. The results were way beyond what I expected. I know your efforts had a lot to with this. Your reputation and knowledge in the field combined with long standing relationships with Lalique collectors worldwide were, in my estimation, the reason for the good results. Heritage did a great job photographing, advertising and auctioning the items. it was fun to watch them sell on the website!
Laurie T., Bouse, AZ
I just wanted to drop you an e-mail to let you know the great appreciation I have with the results of the auction price regarding the Emilie Preyer painting............$65,000 was much more than expected. Back in March of 2014, I contacted three different auction houses( names not to be mentioned ) regarding the Jasper Francis Cropsey painting, you and your company Heritage were the only ones that immediately responded........that showed tremendous professionalism. The results of that painting were more than expected........good job there also! Not only did you call me, but you wrote me a very nice letter..........thank you! As you know we have other paintings and antiques, of which, when the time is right I will contact you, I will not even consider doing business with another company. You’ll have been very courteous, polite and professional and for that once again, I thank you!!!!! I look forward to doing business with you in the future.
From the Consignor, n/a
Predictably, you were correct, Fechin prices are unpredictable!  Thanks for you able assistance.  We are so pleased.
From the Consignor, El Rito, NM
I wish to thank you for everything. I can not imagine getting better treatment, from beginning to end, anywhere else. This experience felt like an alliance with friends who happen to be professionals. I worked with a very special group. They, and I can easily assume, all their company, are personable, professional and thoroughly knowledgeable. This is an important process. Being professional, when handling your precious property is paramount, and they are. Everything is organized. They've done this many times and do it well. These are hands I trust. As for numbers, they will weigh n on the conservative side for auction results. This is a good thing so you won't be let down. In reality, no one can predict an auction. Heritage Auctions is very well keyed into the evolving market place, what better exposure can anyone ask for? With detailed personal attention given to placement, advertising, descriptions and photography, the end result in the hammer prices was excellent and far exceeded our expectations.
From the Consignor, n/a
Just wanted to send a quick note to offer a very sincere Thank You to you and Heritage for your excellent work handling my recent consignment of Barber quarters. I came away from the experience 100% satisfied with everything from A-Z, and I really appreciate the manner in which you handled my call/question. Your explanation made perfect sense and I was again very impressed with your professionalism. This was my first experience consigning coins to Heritage, but I am quite certain it won't be my last. You all are a class act.
John Thomas, Arlington, TX
This first installment of what I'm calling "My Pedigreed Adventure" has been rewarding in more ways than one. Heritage Auctions has consistently displayed unvarying kindness and knowledge. Its experts permitted me to profit from my hobby without ever treating my treasures solely in terms of their market value.
[Additional Handwritten Note]
Maggie Thompson, Iola, WI
Heritage Auctions has made MANY things possible for me. Thanks, Heritage!
Maggie Thompson, Iola, WI
Jan. 9 was my 33rd wedding anniversary; we figured on an early steak and wine dinner (lunch). Then that old cowboy Bob Merrill stepped up to the auctioneer's podium. Yi-ha! I sent the little lady upstairs, put on my boots and Stetson, strapped on my hog iron, went to the ice box and grabbed a couple of longnecks and took them into my office. I popped open one of the beers, put my boots up on the desk, turned up the volume on my monitor and followed my watch list and while I was outbid on my proof Walkers I got a winning bid on a 67+ CAC BTW. Shoot, anniversaries don't come much better than that!
Stan Trybulski, Branford, CT
I was very pleased with the professionalism of your organization during my last two auction consignments. I look forward to our continued ‘partnership.’
J.U., Holland, MI
I thought I must write and congratulate you and your team for the excellent results you achieved for us in the past week of auctions. In particular the BWA & Sierra Leone Sale was superbly catalogued and presented and fully deserving of the many record prices you established that evening. Once again many thanks.
David V., Brooklyn, NY
Yes, absolutely GREAT, we saw it in the live auction. I just called my father, he was near to a heart attack! We are so HAPPY!
Regina V., Guster, Germany
I wanted to express my sincere thanks for the efforts that Scott Foerst, Nate Schar, and Amelia Barber played in the sale of my mother's property yesterday (7/29/14), in Isle of Palms, SC. I cannot imagine where my mother would be had Scott not stayed committed to pursuing my mother, and the sale of her home. Scott and team were nothing short of amazing in handling her. I am sure there are others behind the scenes that made this all possible, but I wanted to be sure to specifically call out Scott, Nate, and Amelia.
A huge weight has been lifted off my mother's shoulders, and she should now be able to live out her remaining days with peace of mind, and in comfort because of Heritage.
Thank You!
Jeff Voorhees, Charleston, SC
Every aspect is handled so professionally yet with the right mix of humor and fun.
D.W., Lake Placid, FL
I find dealing with your auction company to be a continually pleasing experience.
D.W., Dallas, TX
I have used only Heritage in disposing of my collection.
E.W., Crestview Hills, KY
Heritage produces astounding catalogs. Anyone who cannot easily bid in a Heritage auction, can't bid anywhere.
H.W., Memphis, TN
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Heritage Auctions, and Tom Slater in particular, for all your assitance in selling my Old West memorabilia collection at your auction in October this year. The organizing of shipping, evaluation, paperwork, cataloging etc could not have been more easy because of dealing with Heritage Auctions. Being able to spend 2 days with Tom here in Calgary was very important as his knowledge and interest gave me the confidence to go ahead with the sale. The prices received for my individual items were mostly at the high end of our estimates. I will certainly contact you again when i decide to sell other memorabilia, paintings and jewelry in our posession.
John W., Calgary, AB
Top notch. No complaints. Would consider no one else to handle my material.
K.W., Cupertino, CA
In mechanics of advertising and running an auction, Heritage does an excellent job.
L.W., Houston, TX
I just have to say that you have great people -- who take care of things instantaneously! Very impressive.
M., Woodland Hills, CA
I'm addressing this to the shipping department. I wanted to tell how very happy I am with the way you pack and the items i have purchased from Heritage Auction. Keep up the great work.
Micky W., Elton, WI
I am writing to express my delight at Heritage’s handling of my consignment of my late husband’s collections. It has been twenty years since his passing, and one reason I have not moved sooner to sell this material is that I really had not found an auction firm in which I could feel complete confidence. But when I saw the Heritage web site and realized how many specialized auctions you have which would be appropriate for his eclectic accumulation, my interest was definitely piqued.

I had several lengthy conversations with the director of your Americana department, and found myself feeling very comfortable with his knowledge of the material and his ideas for how Heritage could effectively handle it. We agreed on an auction plan, and three more Heritage staffers flew up to help through literally a houseful of material to select and inventory the best items for auction. In the end, there were over five campaign items, fine art, World War 1 collectibles, antique firearms, and more.

He gave me what he called his “seat of the pants” estimate of what he though the material would bring, and as we near the end of the process it seems he was right on the money. I have been terribly impressed by how effectively my items have been presented in your catalogs, and by the fact that less than 1% of the items have failed to sell. Clearly your people know their business.

This has been in some ways an emotional and stressful process for me, but you have been wonderful in explaining each stage and addressing any questions or concerns I may have had. I feel like my husband’s much-loved collections have been treated with the utmost care and expertise, and I am so grateful to Heritage for creating nothing but positive memories for me of the auction experience. I would not hesitate to recommend Heritage to any other potential consignor, particularly someone like myself who had minimal knowledge of the material, and had to essentially place myself in your hands. Thank you very much for in every way meeting my expectations.
I was very pleased with the personal attention I was given.
P.W., Baltimore, MD
All in all — very excellent operation.
R.W., Grayslake, IL
I received the catalog and was very impressed with its color illustrations, descriptions and attractive layout. (It has better production values than the New York houses.)
Ted, Gold Beach, OR
I cannot completely express in just words the satisfaction Dune Properties experienced regarding our relationship with Heritage Auctions and your entire staff.
The professional manner in which your company was able to successfully sell the Oceanfront home at 118 Ocean Boulevard on the Isle of Palms was impressive, from the beginning to the closing. Heritage’s gathering, dissemination and coordination of information and marketing was remarkable. Above all, your communication to the seller and this agency was extraordinary. Also, noteworthy, this sale represents the highest price achieved for an Isle of Palms oceanfront home in over two years.
M Randolph Walker, Charleston, SC
Heritage handled the entire matter very professionally, as usual.

After Heritage takes its 10% of the total, allowing for the two coupons I submitted for two of the coins, I will, by my calculations, make a handsome profit. I am very satisfied with Heritage.

Thank you again for your advice and assistance throughout the submission process.
John Walzer, Philadelphia, PA
I've known the owners of Heritage for over four decades - and although I use their Auction services for coins and numismatic items, I've been pleasantly surprised in the past few years the results they've achieved for a few of my Political Americana items that I've decided to sell. With the dedication and attention that Jim Jelinski has given me each time I've consigned, I couldn't be happier with the smooth and efficient results of consigning material to Heritage Auctions.
Fred Weinburg, Encino, CA
I want to thank you for all you did to make the whole auction experience a good one. Of course we are thrilled and shocked by the outcome. I know that when you left my home with the art your work began. I dont know all you did but feel you had a hand with the lovely cover of the catalog ( thanks for the extras you sent!), the descriptions and research you did on the art. I imagine the effort you did helped get the final prices on the art and I appreciate it greatly.

I hope we can do this again next year so please put me on your calendar!

View Collection

Cori Williamson
I would like to compliment you and your staff for surpassing my expectations! I had done some on-line research before selecting Heritage Auction Galleries to handle the sale of my collectibles and was encouraged by what I learned. After contacting you, Heritage mailed me very impressive introduction materials along with easy to understand contract terms. Upon receiving my items, you were quite prompt in having them appraised and listed in your next auction. I was able to follow the progression via your excellent web site from beginning to final sale. You researched each item extensively and presented them in a most flattering and accurate manner. After viewing the first batch listed, I was certain I had made the correct decision in going with Heritage! I received constant e-mail updates from you personally – not from some delegated underling. Your individual attention and service has been of the very highest caliber. Most importantly, Heritage sold my items for appreciably higher amounts than even anticipated!
S.J. Witte
I absolutely love dealing with Heritage! Customer service is often forgotten today but Heritage brings it back. Thank you for helping me build my collection!
George Woods, Massillon, OH
I have dealt with all the major firms, but only Heritage meets my expectations of professionalism.
B.Y., Verona, NJ
You are excellent to do business with.
G.Z., Boca Raton, FL
Received your check for my small collection of certified Morgan dollars, and I must say that you exceeded my expectation. I had already decided on a minimum that I would accept, and the high end of what I had hoped for and your offer was more than my high end. Thank you, and I am sure we will do business again.
R.Z., Hypoluxo, FL
I wanted to express my thanks to you and the Heritage Auctions’ team regarding my recent consignment and sale of a portion of my art collection. The entire process from initial contact to valuation, consignment, auction and settlement was handled professionally and with a personal touch. I have worked with other leading auction houses in the past and this was by far the easiest and most enjoyable consignment. I was impressed with your knowledge of design and art and the whole process was well executed. The photography and cataloging displayed the work well, the consignment terms were very reasonable and your personal involvement in preparing the works for sale was appreciated. I will definitely recommend Heritage to others and look forward to consigning and buying with you in the near future.
Steve Z., Los Angeles, CA

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Heritage Auctions and Mr. Chad Reingold were...professional and courteous in all transactions and provided outstanding service in answering my many emails. I recommend them at the highest level.
Killy M.,
Melbourne Beach, FL
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