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September 15, 2014
Newsletter Archive
Last Issue
Civil War Connections
By Bryan Booher

I have been a student of history nearly all of my life. One aspect that has always fascinated me is the seemingly random connections that link notable people or families with other notable people/families in history. This is especially true during the American Civil War. In the upcoming October 8-9 Historical Manuscript Auction #6111, we are delighted to offer a collection of documents from one of these fascinating families – the Christiancy family of Monroe, Michigan.

First a little background. Isaac P. Christiancy (1812-1890), a native of New York State, was the patriarch of a very well-connected Michigan family. Christiancy studied law and, following a move to Monroe, Michigan, was admitted to the bar. From 1850 until 1852 he served in the Michigan State Senate and ran unsuccessfully for governor in 1852. Following the creation of a permanent State Supreme Court, he was elected an associate justice before serving as chief justice (1872-1875), only resigning to take his seat in the United States Senate.

[George E. Pickett]. LaSalle Pickett Archive
All of the documents in this marvelous collection were passed through the family from Judge Christiancy's eldest son, Henry. Henry C. Christiancy (1842[?]-1925) enlisted in the Union Army in April 1861 and was commissioned a 2nd lieutenant on the staff of Gen. Humphrey the following year, a position he would hold until September 1864. By war's end, he was a lieutenant colonel by brevet and mustered out of the army on January 20, 1866. Though Henry served in the Union Army, several of his grandchildren would also claim ties to the Confederacy. Henry had three daughters, one of whom, Ida Christiancy, married George E. Pickett Jr., the son of Confederate General George E. Pickett, a veteran of the Mexican War best-remembered for his disastrous charge at the Battle of Gettysburg and the subject of the bulk of these documents.

Ida and George Jr. had at least two children, one of which was Christiancy "Chris" Pickett, who also went on to have a career in the U.S. Army, rising to the rank of colonel before his retirement. Chris was the recipient of a number of letters from his grandmother, LaSalle Pickett, the wife of General Pickett, being offered in this sale. It is through Chris and his son that these fabulous Pickett items have come to us.

Jefferson Davis Document Signed
The majority of the items in this collection date from Pickett's service during or immediately after the Mexican War – a less talked about period in the career of Gen. Pickett. Then-lieutenant Pickett served in Mexico with the U.S. 8th Infantry, alongside fellow Lieutenant (and future Confederate General) James Longstreet. During the Battle of Chapultepec in September 1847, Longstreet was wounded while carrying the regimental colors. He passed them off to his friend, Pickett, who dashed to the top of the castle, lowered the Mexican flag, and raised the American and 8th Infantry flags as the battle raged below. For his bravery, he received a brevet promotion to captain. Included in this collection is
an archive of documents from his time in Mexico; an archive of documents from his service in Texas after the war, where several times he would be called upon to track down and deal with "murderous" Indians; orders and an ordnance sheet signed by Pickett while in Mexico; orders granting leave to Pickett signed by James Longstreet; an ordnance sheet signed by Longstreet acknowledging the receipt of goods from Lt. Pickett; and a letter by Longstreet to Pickett's father regarding his son's impeccable service during the previous war. Other items include a notice of his appointment to captain, signed by future Confederate president, Jefferson Davis; a partial Civil War-dated report signed by Pickett one week after the Battle of Seven Pines; and interestingly, a lock of the general's hair.

[George E. Pickett]. Lock of General George E. Pickett's Hair
The Christiancy family was well-known and included among its friends the Custer family. Gen. George Armstrong Custer had ties to Michigan through his half-sister and brother-in-law, with whom he lived with while attending school as a youngster, and during the latter half of the Civil War he was placed in command of the Michigan Brigade. Custer and Judge Christiancy maintained a long and friendly correspondence throughout the war. Two of these letters, lots 34052 and 34053, were sold in the April 2014 Historical Manuscripts Auction #6113 for $18,750 and $22,500, respectively. Christiancy also had ties to the flamboyant young commander through a younger son, Lt. James I. Christiancy.

Young James, at the age of eighteen, enlisted in the Union Army in May 1862 and, in 1863, was promoted to second lieutenant and placed on Gen. George Armstrong Custer's staff as the general's aide-de-camp (likely due to his father's connection). One lot in this sale deals with Lt. Christiancy's Civil War service and includes, among other things, a letter written to his father shortly after the Battle of Second Manassas. The young lieutenant served through the end of the war and was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions at the Battle of Hawes Shops [Virginia, May 28, 1864]. During the battle he was wounded twice and nursed back to health by Elizabeth Bacon "Libbie" Custer, the wife of his commanding officer and herself a native of Monroe, Michigan. Among the documents passed down through the family is a nice carte de visite of Custer and his wife, taken a few months before James sustained his wound.

As usual, this is just a small sampling of the wonderful items we are delighted to be offering in our upcoming October 2014 Historical Manuscripts auction. The sale will be held October 8, 2014, at our offices in beautiful Beverly Hills, California.

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Highlights from the Collection of a Minnesota Gentleman
By David Boozer

Every time I impatiently wait for my microwave to get through those last ten seconds, I am reminded how this age hates to wait. In fact, we want everything yesterday. The better things in life, however, take time. Collecting historical manuscripts is one of those things. Heritage Auctions is proud to offer part of the eminent collection of a Minnesota gentleman in our upcoming October 8-9 Historical Manuscript Auction #6111. Like a fine bottle of wine, this collection was made with the finest ingredients chosen by the highest of standards and aged to near perfection (the collection took years to build). The outcome is a collection of high-quality historical manuscripts that spans American history from the founding of the United States to modern times. It also transcends our national borders.

John Adams Autograph Letter Signed John Adams to Vice President Elbridge Gerry.
If you collect letters, you will certainly be interested in the letter on the cover of our auction catalog John Adams autograph letter signed to Vice President Elbridge Jerry, dated April 26, 1813. The founding father covers a lot of significant territory in this letter, including discussions on the Revolution, the sacrifice of the Signers, the U.S. Constitution, the XYZ Affair, and more. Adams also includes a nice paraphrase of the final line of the Declaration of Independence ("we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor"): "We have sacrificed our Lives our Families our Popularity, our Reputations our Pleasures our Comforts to the Publick." Another fascinating letter announces the surrender of Chief Joseph in 1877. Chief Joseph, the leader of the Nez Perce, tried to avoid war by fleeing with his band to Canada, but their three-month journey of 1,700 miles fell just short. The hungry and tired Indians surrendered to the U.S. Army on October 5, 1877, just miles from the Canadian border. Only five days later, this historically important letter was sent to Secretary of State John Sherman, younger brother of Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman, announcing the surrender.

William J. Stone for Peter Force: The Declaration of Independence
One of the cornerstone pieces of the collection is a Declaration of Independence from Peter Force's 1837-1853 series of books, American Archives. Force printed copies on rice paper from the "Wet Ink" copperplate created by William J. Stone (Force removed the copperplate from storage for this project). In the lower left of each copy (including this one), Force printed: "W. J. STONE SC. WASHN." These Declarations are rare, and this one is in particularly nice condition. If you collect modern presidents, you will be interested in this presidential pardon signed by both Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon. This two-page typescript of the original September 8, 1974, Presidential Proclamation 4311 grants a "full, free, and absolute pardon unto Richard Nixon for all offenses against the United States." This copy was signed by both men sometime in the 1980s.

A fascinating photograph from the collection is this photograph of a bust of Mohandas Gandhi by sculptress Clare Sheridan, a cousin of Winston Churchill. Gandhi has signed "MK Gandhi" just above Ms. Sheridan's own inscription and signature. Also included is a portrait inscribed and signed by French chemist Louis Pasteur on May 11, 1886. One year earlier, the imminent chemist successfully treated a human with his new rabies vaccine.

Mohandas K. Gandhi Photograph Signed
Signatures are also included, such as an Abraham Lincoln excised signature which also includes the infamous date April 12, 1861, written in the president's hand. The Civil War had begun early that morning when Confederate guns positioned around Charleston Harbor in South Carolina opened on Federal defenses at Fort Sumter.

For a complete list of items offered from the Collection of a Minnesota Gentleman, see the back of the auction catalog or click here. As we collectors are often reminded, one of the most important decisions a collector will ever make is how to sell his collection. Heritage Auctions is honored when sophisticated collectors, such as this Minnesota gentleman, choose us to work with them on this important phase of their collecting career.

Heritage Auctions' Historical Manuscript Auction will be held on October 8-9, 2014, in our Beverly Hills, California offices. Take advantage of our seven easy ways to bid, including HERITAGE Live!, our convenient platform which has been the choice of over 24,000 bidders in the past 12 months alone.

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Space Exploration Auction Consignment Deadline
By Michael Riley

The November 12th date for our Fall Space Exploration Auction #6129 is rapidly approaching and we are currently receiving consignments on a daily basis. Don’t wait too late to get your material to us for inclusion in what is shaping up as another great sale. We have already received two collections of important Apollo 11 and Buzz Aldrin material, as well as numerous great autographs and a fine group of Robbins medals. The consignment deadline for items to be in-house is September 22nd. Right now is definitely the time to send us your lists and photos of quality items you potentially want to consign. Forward them to either me at MichaelR@HA.com or to John Hickey at JohnH@HA.com. We'll get back to you with auction estimates and information on how to complete the simple consignment process.

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Heritage Auctions announces rare books featured lots
The Heritage Auctions Rare Books Department is proud to announce the introduction of Featured Lots into our weekly Internet auctions. Each week thirty special items will be selected to highlight the quality and variety of our offerings.

In auction 201438 Featured Lots include early printed books from the Krown & Spellman Collection, as well as scarce anti-slavery documents: The Friends of Liberty and Equality. An Address to the People of North Carolina, on the Evils of Slavery.

Featured Lots published in the twentieth century are of a similar merit, and represent a variety of collecting fields, among them are high-spot literature like lot 93011: James Joyce. Collected Poems of James Joyce, lot 93013: [Janus Press]. Claire Van Vliet, illustrator. SIGNED. Franz Kafka. A Country Doctor, and an inscribed book into film: James Dickey. Deliverance, lot 93012.

Please visit our website and view the more than 300 lots we offer each week in our Internet Rare Books auctions.

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November Auctions Update
By Don Ackerman

Landon Knox
One of the best, if not the best, William Henry Harrison campaign flags concludes with the sentiment: "November is Coming and So Are We." That seems most apropos for our November historical sales. These will take place consecutively on November 8th, so mark your calendar. We are still taking consignments (through September 17) for the Political & Americana Auction #6126 as well as the Legends of the West Auction #6125.

As material is photographed and/or cataloged, it is posted on our website's auction previews which allow you watch our auction grow. We post individual lots in our previews so you don't have to wait until the entire auction is posted to get a glimpse of the items you want. You never know what is going to "pop up" there, so enjoy the discovery process by going to the site "early and often" to see what's in the offing. Either click on the individual auction links above or click here to go to our "Historical" home page. Look on the right side of the page under "Upcoming Auctions" to choose the auction(s) that best fits your interests.

image 2
The upcoming Political & Americana auction features the Collection of Warren G. Lee. Warren was a teacher from Missouri and an old-time A.P.I.C. member. He briefly lived in Los Angeles and I remember seeing him there on several occasions around 1965. He then moved back to the St. Louis area and served as president of the "Gateway to the West" chapter of the A.P.I.C. He passed on recently and the family has consigned his collection to Heritage. It is a "typical" old-time general collection with a wide variety of items from all time periods and candidates with strong representations in Women's Suffrage and Benjamin Harrison. We have already sold some of Warren's material in our Denver auction held at the A.P.I.C. national. Some will appear in our Spring 2015 sale, but the bulk of the collection will be offered November 8th. Two highlights that come to mind include the "Landon Knox Out Roosevelt" jugate and a "hybrid" teddy bear toy with the head of a Bull Moose marked with the year of manufacture, 1912.

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The Donald P. Dow Collection of Lincolniana
By Don Ackerman

Like Warren G. Lee, Donald P. Dow of Ft. Worth, Texas, was another dedicated collector who amassed an impressive collection over a fifty-year period. The spark that ignited his quest was the acquisition of a box lot of Lincoln books at an auction. After that, there was no looking back. The owner/operator of an art gallery (still operated by son Greg), Don Dow employed all his "non-working" time acquiring items for his collection, networking with dealers and participating in countless auctions, often butting heads with the most prominent collectors in the field. He often "chased down" pieces he had missed out on and occasionally was able to reunite pieces that had been dispersed elsewhere. If he missed out on something, it wasn't for lack of trying. His interest spanned Lincoln, the Civil War, general Americana, and manuscripts.

"The Donald P. Dow Collection of Lincolniana" will be offered soon in a single-owner catalog with an exact date to be determined. We are on the cusp of the 150th anniversary of Lincoln's assassination, so interest in Lincoln, always intense, will be even greater. The Dow Collection is very strong in autographs and assassination material. There are over twenty Lincoln autographs or manuscripts, three for John Wilkes Booth, plus examples for practically everyone involved in the events of April 14, 1865. There is a military-issued arrest warrant for Booth, an eleven-page eyewitness account of the assassination (considered the most extensive and accurate of such accounts), O'Bierne's manuscript diary with extensive entries detailing the pursuit of Booth & Herold, a pass to the hanging of the conspirators, a pass to the military trial of the conspirators, an album page with autographs of Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln, a highly-important signed fragment of a letter written by Lincoln to Reverdy Johnson expressing his determination to prosecute the war with all the tools at his disposal (the balance of the letter considered lost and this fragment a "discovery" piece), etc. It took two years to organize the collection and a week for us to simply pull out the 300 pieces earmarked for this important auction and make a brief inventory. It has yet to be photographed and cataloged, but we promise you will not be disappointed! If you have any interest in Lincoln, keep your eyes open to these newsletters and our website for further details. It promises to be a landmark sale!

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Rare Books Auction Preview
Athanasius Kircher. Oedipus Aegyptiacus
Our Rare Books Auction #6112 catalog is about to go to print, so we thought this would be a perfect time to give you a sneak peek of what to expect in the upcoming auction on October 8th in our Beverly Hills location. In addition to the usual rare gems and desirable titles, we're thrilled to introduce a few large collections of rare books that will be sold in the next several Signature auctions and the intervening Weekly Internet auctions.

The Krown & Spellman Collection: This is an excellent gathering of genuinely antiquarian books, and includes incunables and early printed books across a diverse range of subject areas. Represented in the collection are classics, science, travels and voyages, history, occult, illustrated books and reference books.

The Library of John Carrol Collins:Mr. Collins was an astute collector of rare books and art, and often served as an appraiser in these fields. His collection includes wonderful copies in Fine Press, History, Literature, Book Arts, and Cinema. He has large collections of Aviation and Music that will be offered in our New York auction in April of 2015.

Cormac McCarthy. Correspondence Archive between McCarthy and Fellow Tennessee Author, John Fergus Ryan
The Collection of I.D. "Nash" Flores, III: His collection of Cormac McCarthy makes up a significant portion of our literary offering, including the candid ten-year correspondence archive between McCarthy and fellow author John Fergus Ryan. A wonderful complete run of McSweeney's Quarterly is here, with a number of signed copies. McSweeney's was originally begun with the aim to only publish works rejected by other magazines or publishers. As McSweeney's flourished, however, that rule was soon abandoned, as established authors began submitting to them as a first choice. McSweeney's also became an important outlet for new and previously unpublished writers. Additional lots from this collection will be available in the Weekly Internet auctions, and a substantial grouping of John Updike will be in the April auction in 2015.

The William J. Whitaker, Jr. Collection of Charles Bukowski and Black Sparrow Press Books: The collection is very deep and includes many signed or inscribed copies, and copies with original drawings by Bukowski. In addition to the lots in this catalog, there will be many more gems from this collection offered in the upcoming Thursday night auctions.

[Benjamin Franklin, printer]. The Charters of the Province of Philadelphia and City of Philadelphia
The Library of Dr. Henry H. Fertig, M.D.:In the upcoming auction we're offering The Laws of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania printed by Benjamin Franklin. Future auctions will include many more excellent books in Medicine and Anatomy, American History and Biography, Literature, and Western Art and Literature, with many signed or inscribed copies.

The Alexander Jemal, Jr. Collection: We continue our offering of the vast John Updike collection so lovingly assembled by Mr. Jemal, including many personally signed and inscribed copies, and many rarities that are not typically seen.

Be sure to visit your favorite books from this catalog on our award-winning website at HA.com/6112, where you will find additional and enlargeable images and, in many cases, supplementary descriptive information. We would love to see you at the live auction on October 8 in our Beverly Hills showroom. If you can't make it in person, our online bidding platform Heritage Live! is the next best thing to being in the room.

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Books into Movies
The Texas Bookseller's Association and the Lone Star Film Society present Books into Movies at the 21st Annual North Texas Book & Paper Show on Friday, October 10, 6pm   9pm, and Saturday, October 11, 10am   5pm. The event is again at the Grapevine Convention Center, 1209 South Main St., Grapevine, TX 76051. Tickets are $7, and is good for $5 off one purchase. Free admission for children under 12 and there's free parking. Stop by the Heritage Auctions table and sign up to win a $50 gift certificate. www.texasbooksellers.org.

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Employment Opportunities
As the fastest growing American-based auction house, financially rock-solid Heritage Auctions continues to grow and seek the best talent in the industry. If you are a specialist or have strong general collectibles knowledge, we want to hear from you. These specialists will, in some cases, head new departments and in others will enhance existing department expertise. We have positions open at our headquarters in Dallas as well as at our new state-of-the-art galleries in prime locations in both Midtown Manhattan and Beverly Hills.

Heritage is seeking to hire the world's best specialists in the following categories:

  • Asian Art Specialist
  • Coin Buyer
  • Director of Luxury Accessories: (New York)
  • Modern & Contemporary Art Specialist: (New York)
  • World Coins Director: Hong Kong
If you are interested and feel you have the qualifications we seek, please email your resume and salary history to Experts@HA.com.

We are also seeking to fill the following corporate positions:

  • Client Services Representative
  • Digital Photography Retoucher
  • e-Publishing Expert
  • Operations Assistant
  • Shipping Associate
  • Sr. VP of Marketing
  • Web Marketing Specialist
If you are interested in applying for one of these Corporate positions, please apply here.

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Around Heritage Auctions
Sam Snead's 'Most Trusted Weapon,' His Driver Used In More Than 100 Victories, At Auction

1936-53 Sam Snead Tournament Used Driver--Veteran of over 100 Tournament Victories
The driver that Sam Snead used for 17 years, and which helped him win more than 100 tournaments between 1936 and 1953, will cross the auction block as the undisputed top lot of Heritage Auctions' Sports Collectibles Golf Catalog auction, Sept. 25-26 in Dallas. It is expected to sell for more than $250,000.

The auction will take place online only, with sessions closing on September 25 & 26 and closing via an extended bid format.

"This is the very driver that Snead used, his most trusted weapon, as he steamrolled his way to the greatest professional tournament record in golf history," said Mike Gutierrez, Consignment Director for Sports Collectibles at Heritage. "It's arguably the most significant article of golf memorabilia that exists, the constant, faithful companion of a man whose record of PGA Tour success is unmatched in the history of the sport."

The club was finally put out to pasture after the United States victory in the 1953 Ryder Cup.

Further treasures from the Snead Collection offered in the auction include the final chance for collectors to acquire one of Snead's Masters Championship trophies, this one from the 1952 Masters Tournament, which Snead won with an impressive 286 while fending off a furious charge from Jack Burke late on Sunday. Snead's 1942 PGA Championship Wannamaker Trophy, estimated at $75,000+, won by the golfer at Seaview Country Club in Galloway Township, NJ, also presents the last opportunity to claim one of Snead's personal PGA Championship trophies. The putter that Snead used to win the 1946 British Open, his first and only victory from The British Open, will also be offered with an estimate of $40,000+.

The Bob Burkett Collection of Early Golf Memorabilia presents a distinct and compelling grouping of memorabilia from one of the top collectors of the subject in the hobby. Burkett, a 25-30 year veteran collector of golf memorabilia, started collecting at decades ago, with the infancy of the game itself as his focus.

The gem of the offerings from Burkett has be the 1916 Cherokee Country Club Invitational Tournament Trophy Won by Bobby Jones, the only Jones trophy in private hand and the earliest Jones trophy to ever cross the block, estimated at $100,000+.

More information about sports auctions.

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