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Auction Name: 2021 May 15 Tom Huston Americana & Political Signature Auction - Dallas

Lot Number: 43003

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Alexander Hamilton: A Marvelous Large Scarf Mourning His Death at the Hand of Aaron Burr in 1804. Co-author with James Madison of the Federalist Papers, first Secretary of the Treasury and architect of the American financial system, Alexander Hamilton was by any measure one of the most significant American statesmen never to serve as president. As with most of our Founding Fathers, very few enduring display items honoring him seem to have been produced and especially in light of the success of the musical bearing his name, any period association items are much sought-after. In 2013, Heritage sold a small pastel portrait for $100,000. A carved ivory miniature sold for $9,687 in 2017 is the only manufactured Hamilton item every offered by Heritage. This beautiful scarf is one of the most impressive historical textiles of its era and one of just two examples believed known (the other is significantly faded). Arguably, the number one item in this great collection! It measures 24" x 20 1/2" and is framed to an overall size of 30 1/2" x 27". Hamilton is depicted twice - once in uniform and again in a bust surmounting his cemetery monument. The left side contains a laudatory paean, the bottom has a biography ("...assisted in forming the Constitution of the vast confederated Republic, and has filled one of the first offices under the new government.") and the right side has a scroll whose content we find particularly compelling ("Health and Honour to the Senator who shall devise the most effectual means of abolishing that fatal practice which deprived America prematurely of the talents and virtues of her much lamented Hamilton!"). Based on the pattern of stitching, it was apparently part of a quilt or bedspread at one time.

Condition: Evenly toned, some staining, two repaired patches lower left. No evidence of fading. Selections from the Collection of Tom Charles Huston.

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