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Auction Name: 2021 May 21 - 22 Space Exploration Signature Auction

Lot Number: 50368

Shortcut to Lot:

Apollo 17 Lunar Module Flown and Used "Lunar Surface Manifest" for the Moon Rocks Gathered on the Mission, Some of the First Lunar Geological Samples and the Last Moon Rocks Returned to Earth, Originally from the Personal Collection of Mission Commander Gene Cernan, Signed and Certified by Him, with His Signed Letter of Authenticity and Photographic Provenance. A beautiful archivally-framed display worthy of any private or institutional collection, fully documented including Letter of Authenticity from Steve Zarelli.

A single 8" x 5.5" cardstock checklist page titled "EVA 1 PREP," dated November 6, 1972. Side 2-1 is headed at top "114:55 Cabin Prep EVA 1 (20 Min) and is certified in black ink: "This page bearing/ lunar dust flew to the/ lunar surface/ Gene Cernan". There is also a vintage slightly cryptic handwritten note by Cernan: "Corn Chowder in Jet Bag". Page 2-2 is titled "COLLECTION WEIGHT SUMMARY (#)," dated September 12, 1972, and is signed in black ink: "Gene Cernan" under a stamp that reads "Landed on the Moon aboard the Apollo 17 LM 'Challenger'". As Harrison Schmitt made the weight notations as Gene Cernan weighed the rocks. This moon rock summary covers all three Apollo 17 EVAs, with information filled in by Harrison Schmitt for the first two. For EVA 1 Schmitt notes SRC "32," Bag "2, 16," for a total of "48." For EVA 2, he notes SRC "41.5," Bag "6, 24," Bag "8, 35," for a total of "100.5." Under the heading "COLLECTION BAG STORAGE," there are four lines including: "1 - Aft Eng Cover (40 # Max): Bag" "8"; "1 - LHMS (40 # Max): Bag "7"; "2 - LH + RHSSC (40 # Max): Bag "6 LH, 5 RH"]; "2 - ISA (50 # Max): Bags" "2, 4."

There are only three "Rock Manifests" in existence; one is institutionally-held and two are in private hands. The shrewd high bidder on this lot will walk away with the most desirable of the three, the one that documents the very last lunar rock samples brought back to earth by man, including the one currently in our nation's Oval Office. Don't miss out on this rare opportunity. Be sure to watch the included videos on our website.

Included with this lot is a 2009-dated LOA signed by Cernan reading as follows, in full:

"This Is To Certify that the accompanying Apollo 17 'EVA 1 PREP' Checklist Page is the 'Lunar Surface Manifest' for the moon rocks returned to Earth on Apollo 17.

"An Important Goal of Project Apollo was to obtain moon rocks to analyze back on Earth, and during the six Apollo lunar landings, a total of 842 pounds of moon rocks were collected.

"During my three-day exploration of the Moon with fellow astronaut Harrison Schmidt, we collected over
200 pounds of moon rocks during the course of our three lunar excursions.

"Their total weights were then recorded on the accompanying rock manifest during my stay on the Moon.

"My hands were coated with lunar dust as I notated this manifest inside our Lunar Module 'Challenger,' and some of that lunar dust inadvertently transferred onto its surface.

"Thus, the stains on this page are comprised of lunar dust from the 'Taurus-Littrow' region of the Moon!

"During the Apollo program, NASA allowed their astronauts to keep disposable items from their flights as personal mementos, and I was accordingly presented with this manifest by NASA after my mission.

"This Manifest represents the original handwritten record for some of the first geological samples, and over one-quarter of all the Apollo moon rocks, ever returned to Earth from the Moon."

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