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Auction Name: 2021 May 21 - 22 Space Exploration Signature Auction

Lot Number: 50020

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Apollo 12, Apollo 16, and Apollo 17 Flown Flags in Unique Wall Display Presented to and Directly from the Estate of NASA Legend Chris Kraft, with Certificate of Authenticity. A massive 27" x 28.5" museum-quality wooden wall plaque with an engraved metal plate reading:

Presented to
Christopher C. Kraft, Jr.
In grateful appreciation of your extraordinary
contributions to our Nation's success
in manned space flight.
From the Johnson Space Center

Above the plate is a metallic earthrise photo, 21" x 8". Below is a 24" x 5" B&W artistic panorama of our space program, past through the future, mounted on a curved wooden block, 1.25" deep at center. At the bottom, side by side, are three Apollo moon-flown flags, each holding a personal significance to Kraft, as follows.

APOLLO 12: A 6" x 4" American flag with the caption: "This flag was carried to the moon aboard Apollo XII November 14-24, 1969".
APOLLO 16: A 6" x 4.25" flag of Kraft's home state of, and the original home of NASA, Virginia with the caption: "This flag was carried to the moon aboard Apollo XVI March 16-27, 1972".
APOLLO 17: a 6" x 4.25" flag of the state of Texas, home of JSC, with the caption: "This flag was carried to the moon aboard Apollo XVII December 7-19, 1972".

We feel fairly certain that this was presented to Dr. Kraft upon his retirement in 1982 after thirty-eight years with NACA or NASA. This is a totally unique piece, beautiful in design, perfect in workmanship, and unsurpassed in display appeal. Excellent. This was placed by Dr. Kraft on the east wall of his home office.

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