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Auction Name: 2020 April 22 Historical Manuscripts Signature Auction - Dallas

Lot Number: 47594

Shortcut to Lot: HA.com/6223-47594

Joseph Heller Typed Letter Signed "Joseph Heller." One page, 7.25" x 10.25", New York; April 14, 1972. A short letter addressed to Professor James Nagel of Northeastern University, regarding copyrights and an upcoming speaking engagement. The letter reads in part: "Concerning my coming there to speak, I'm flattered that you're making the attempt...if the money part does seem impossible, I can be had for less, but don't tell the agency I said so...and don't tell the people there, either...(I'm not sure I'm worth that much either, but...I do work hard and long while I'm there)..." Signed in green ink. Accompanied by the original transmittal cover.

Joseph Heller is best known as the author of Catch-22.

Condition: Flattened mail folds. Indentation from a removed paper clip at the top left. Boldly signed.

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